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Bread Bins

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Bread Bins

You will keep your bread fresher for longer if you keep it in a plastic bag in a sealed lunch box. Many people keep their bread in a plastic bag in the light. Vitamins and minerals are lost through light. That is why you keep your bread in the Cookinglife bread bin for the healthiest and tastiest result.

Bread bin

In our range, you will find various lunch boxes. In addition to the wooden bread bin that excels in simplicity, we also have Joseph Joseph lunchboxes in our collection.

Bread bin Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph is known for the fact that they uniquely combine form and function. These beautiful lunch boxes have a modern design where the lid is also a cutting board. Ideal for storing and slicing your home-baked or uncut bread!

Bread bin stainless steel

A bread bin is a kitchen accessory that is often placed outside the kitchen cupboards. For example, on the dining table, counter or refrigerator. When choosing a bread bin, it is therefore also important that it matches the style of your kitchen. At Cookinglife you will find the bread bin stainless steel for an elegant look.

Retro Bread Bin

Add some spice to your kitchen and opt for hip retro bread bin from Cookinglife. In our range, you will find a beautiful retro lunchbox from Cosy & Trendy. This metal bread bin is available in white and therefore fits into any kitchen interior. Buy this trendy retro bread bin at Cookinglife and take advantage of our fast delivery!

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