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Are you looking for the perfect kettle for your kitchen? At Cookinglife, we have both high-end and affordable luxury brands to make sure you get the best results possible - and a beautiful kitchen as well! Discover brands such as Alessi, SMEG, WMF, Eva Solo, Bodum, and KitchenAid to make your kitchen the best it can be. Our kettles range from electric to stovetop kettles, large to mini, and a multitude of vibrant and lively colours and materials. 

SMEG Kettle

The SMEG Kettle is perhaps the best-known appliance from the Italian household-staple brand. The iconic retro appliance with its distinctive 50s-style look is a must-have for any kitchen interior enthusiast. Joining exceptional quality with beautiful design, the SMEG Kettle is truly unique and stands out from its competitors with its cheerful colours. At Cookinglife, you will find the SMEG Mini Kettle (800 mL - great for smaller spaces and even bringing with you when travelling!), the classic 1.7 L and the Variable Temperature SMEG Kettles. You will find all these variants in the beautiful and iconic SMEG colours, as well as the more modern matte shades and in chrome, black, and white.

KitchenAid Kettle

Add a functional and powerful kettle to your kitchen with the KitchenAid Kettle! These striking kettles boil your water quickly and efficiently. They are durable, easy to use, stable, and equipped with a removable limescale filter. With capacities between 1.25 L and 1.7 L, and even variable temperature options, there is a KitchenAid Kettle for any and every type of kitchen. With their iconic colours of empire red, black, cream, and medallion silver, these kettles will suit your other appliances effortlessly. Pair your kettle with the bestselling KitchenAid Mixer Artisan or a KitchenAid Toaster for a full set! 

Alessi Kettle

The beautiful Alessi Kettles are a real must-have for those who value high-quality Italian design and fashion. Fused with influences from Art Deco to Pop Art, at Cookinglife you can find several of the Alessi kettle collections. From the iconic MGM2 collection with the whistling kettle-look and bird cap to the modern Plissé collection, you will surely find what you are looking for. These Alessi electric kettles make a great with the Alessi Toasters! 

Le Creuset Kettle

Discover Le Creuset - the top quality French brand with its distinctive timeless design. For stovetop kettles, Le Creuset is our go-to! Browse our extensive range of Le Creuset Whistling Kettles, ranging in colour from the classic Le Creuset Volcanic to the more modern Satin Black or their brand new Bamboo coloured collection. If you are looking for stovetop kettles, then take a look at the Le Creuset Barista Kettle in addition. Whistling kettles complement your existing kitchen equipment and make it easy to boil water. The kettle can whistle so loudly that you can hear it from the next room. 

Kettle and Toaster Set

Are you looking for the perfect kettle and toaster set? At Cookinglife we have a wide range of both kettles and toasters, from which you can take your pick! Thanks to the simple beauty and elegance of Alessi, SMEG, Dualit, and KitchenAid kettles and toasters, it is easy to combine them across brands. Make your kitchen stand out with a black SMEG Kettle and SMEG toaster set, or a matte white Alessi Kettle and Alessi Toaster combination. Find your perfect kettle and toaster set with the bright colours of the retro Italian brand SMEG, or be creative and mix and match. Browse our kitchen appliances to discover your favourites!

Black Kettle

Want to add a modern edge to your kitchen? Find the perfect black kettle at Cookinglife from a range of brands. 

Cream Kettle

Looking for a kettle to bring some softness to your kitchen? Discover the range of cream and white kettles at Cookinglife. 

Which kettle is the best?

When choosing a kettle, you may want to consider the following:

  • Capacity: Will you often drink tea with large groups of people or will you often drink alone? Take this into account when deciding on the water boiler's capacity. The capacity can range from 0.5 L to 1.8 L. 
  • Limescale filter: If an electric kettle has an open heating element, limescale deposits will form over time. Obviously, you don't want this in your hot drinks. If you choose a variant with an open heating element, it is therefore good to see if it also has a limescale filter. 
  • Power: The higher the power, the faster and more durable the kettle is. 
  • Temperature setting: Are you a tea drinker? If so, a kettle with temperature control is recommended. Some teas are best drunk at a certain temperature. The temperature control allows you to drink your cuppa with an optimal taste experience. Browse the Variable Temperature Kettles from SMEG and KitchenAid. 
  • Warm-up function: this keeps the water at the right temperature, so you can still have a cup of tea later. 
  • Water level indicator: Do you want to know exactly how much water is in the kettle? Choose a variant with a water level indicator. 

Kettle Descaling

The maintenance of an electric kettle is essential to make optimal use of it and ensure its durability. Cleaning and maintaining an electric kettle is not complicated. Below are the steps to follow for the best result!

  • Step 1: Fill the kettle with a mixture of water and lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Step 2: Let the mixture boil completely.
  • Step 3: When you see that the kettle is entirely lime-free, rinse it with water.
  • Step 4: Your kettle is now lime-free!

You can also take a look at the Magimix Descaler available at Cookinglife!

Buy a kettle 

You can boil water quickly and easily with our electric and whistling kettles. You will receive your kettle in a safely packaged and efficient way. Looking for something else? Take a look at our entire Coffee & Tea selection or our full range of kitchen appliances!

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