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Are you looking for the perfect kettles? Then you've come to the right place. You can use the kettles to boil water for your soup, coffee and tea quickly.

Various kettles are available from brands such as Eva Solo and Bodum. If you want a glass kettle, you can choose the Bodum Kettle Bistro broken white 1 litre. The kettles of Eva Solo are known for their beautiful design. And the kettles from Alessi are known for their modern look.

Kettle Descaling

The maintenance of an electric kettle is essential to make optimal use of it. Cleaning and maintaining an electric kettle is not complicated. Below the steps to follow for the best result!

Step 1: Fill the kettle with a mixture of water and lemon juice or vinegar.

Step 2: Let the mixture boil completely.

Step 3: When you see that the kettle is entirely lime-free, rinse it with water.

Step 4: Your kettle is now lime-free!

Buy kettles?

You can boil water quickly and easily with our electric kettles. You will receive your kettle in a safely packaged and efficient way. Do you have questions about an article? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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