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Hand Blenders

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Hand Blenders

A hand blender is an indispensable tool in a cooking enthusiast's kitchen! With us, you will find hand blenders with various functions so that there is a suitable hand blender for everyone. At Cookinglife, we have some of the best hand blenders, from household staples such as KitchenAid, Alessi, Bamix, Dualit, SMEG, and more. Combine beautiful design with functionality and find your perfect hand blender at Cookinglife!

KitchenAid hand blender 

Making soups and creams has never been easier! The KitchenAid hand blenders are perfect for those who prefer portable and versatile tools in their kitchen. The KitchenAid Hand Blender Cordless is a highly functional tool, everything you need to mix, crush, and blend. A rechargeable battery that takes only 20 minutes to charge ensures that this cordless hand blender is always ready for your blending needs! With two iconic KitchenAid colours to choose from, matte black and empire red, the KitchenAid hand blender cordless is sure to make a great addition to any kitchen!

SMEG Hand Blender

Are you looking for beautiful design, high quality, and versatile tools to complete your kitchen? Discover SMEG, the Italian brand known worldwide for its unique 1950s retro design. At Cookinglife you can find a wide variety of hand blenders from SMEG, such as the indispensable SMEG Hand Blender Set and the simpler SMEG Hand Blender. The set includes everything you need for cooking and baking - it blends and chops the toughest of fruits and vegetables, whips cream, and blends the most delicious soups. The appliance is also easy to combine with other household appliances, including the SMEG Kettle, SMEG Toaster, and SMEG Stand Mixer to make your kitchen state-of-the-art in beauty and functionality. Don't miss out on this stunning brand!

3-in-1 Hand Blender

Add a dash of luxury to your kitchen with the Cuisinart Hand Blenders! These multifunctional blenders from Cuisinart come in two variations: the Cuisinart Cordless hand blender and the 3-in-1 hand blender. These effective, hassle-free blenders ensure that you can complete your favourite recipes with ease - from whipping cream to making the tastiest of soups, the choices are endless with Cuisinart.

Dualit Hand Blender

Are you looking for a high-quality machine that will chop, puree, and whisk with ease? Discover the Dualit Hand Blender Set - a striking silver hand blender set of a blending wand, whisk, and blending jug. This beautiful appliance can add a modern edge to any kitchen, making it a beautiful and durable addition to your everyday cooking appliances.

What to look for in a hand blender?

  • Power: Don't choose blindly based on the power of the hand blender. Sometimes it is advised to buy a hand blender of at least 600 watts because they are suitable for heavy work. However, this is not always the case. For example, there are professional hand blenders that have less than 250 watts of power but are still very functional and powerful. The quality of the motor and the speed also play an important role in the power of the mixer. 
  • Cord (length): hand blenders without cords offer great ease of use. If you do opt for a cord, make sure it is longer than 150 cm. If the cord is shorter, the convenience of the tool is undermined.
  • Removable base: hand blenders with a removable base are easy to clean.
  • Anti-spatter foot: with an anti-spatter foot you reduce splashing. Thus you keep your kitchen worktop cleaner and have to clean less after each use.
  • Weight: the heavier the mixer, the harder it is to use.
  • Modes: when you have a hand blender with multiple speed settings, you can more easily prepare your dishes. For example, you can put the blender on a lower setting to gently puree, then you can switch to a higher speed.

Buy a Hand Blender

Complete your kitchen with a functional and beautiful hand blender - from many high-quality brands to choose from, you are sure to find what you are looking for on Cookinglife. Browse the hand blenders from Bamix or Alessi, for example. We also have a wide range of all kitchen appliances, including stand mixers, and food processors to choose from, if those suit your needs better!

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