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Espresso Machines

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Espresso Machines

Do you want to be able to drink a delicious espresso at home? Then an espresso machine is what you need. With an espresso machine from Cookinglife you can feel like a real barista at home! There is something for everyone in our wide range of espresso machines - both manual and electric. The espresso machines come in an array of wonderful colours and sizes, with convenient features such as built-in milk frothers and warming racks. You are therefore not limited to making only espressos but can also make your own cappuccino or macchiato. Explore our range of espresso machines available for ordering today!

How to use an espresso machine?

An espresso machine is a type of coffee maker that allows you to prepare espresso and other espresso-based coffees easily at home. Also, most espresso machines offer the ability to froth milk, which you can do by using a steam nozzle attached to the machine. This allows you to make even bigger drinks like a cappuccino or latte macchiato. The machine heats water to at least 90 degrees and presses 7 to 10 grams of finely ground coffee beans at a pressure of about 9 bar. This ensures that the flavor and aroma are extracted from the coffee to the maximum extent.

What to look for when buying an espresso machine?

  • Type of espresso machine: there are different types of espresso machines. You can choose a:
    • Manual espresso machine: With a manual machine you have the most control over the final result. It is called a manual machine because you have to grind the coffee and tamp the portafilter yourself. Making an espresso manually takes time, but it does give you the most control and a real barista experience. The manual espresso machine is also called a semi-automatic machine. This is because the machine heats the boiler and regulates the pump.
    • A fully automatic espresso machine: With a fully automatic espresso machine, you can put a lot less effort into making your espresso. With just a few presses of a button, you can enjoy a delicious drink. Also, a fully automatic espresso machine usually has convenient features, such as an automatic cleaning program.
  • Steampipe: do you like to make a caffè macchiato or a cappuccino? Then pay attention to whether the espresso machine has a steam pipe with which you can froth milk.
  • Limescale indicator: descaling is important for every type of coffee machine. By descaling your espresso machine regularly, you ensure that it stays in good condition. When a machine is equipped with a limescale indicator, you get an indication when you need to descale. It is a very convenient feature!
  • Built-in coffee grinder: When a machine has a built-in coffee grinder you do not have to grind your coffee beans yourself. You can adjust how the beans should be ground and what the taste of the espresso should be.
  • Design and size: check in advance where you want to place your espresso machine. The size and design of the machine must fit in the place where you want to place it.
  • The number of cups: how many cups of espresso do you want to make? Not every machine can make the same number of cups at the same time. Keep this in mind when buying the machine.

SMEG Manual Espresso Machine

One of the most recognised brands in kitchen appliances is SMEG, founded over 70 years ago in Italy. If you are looking to make delicious espressos, the SMEG Espresso Machine is the perfect choice for you! Packing functionality and a beautiful, unique retro design, the SMEG Espresso Machine is a dream for any true coffee lover. This high-quality machine will give you professional results while being a stunning and durable addition to any kitchen, big or small. It is suited for making espressos, creamy cappuccinos, or latte macchiatos and for ground coffee as well as paper pods. Find more details about the product on the product page linked above. This multifunctional espresso machine is a real must-have, and can be easily combined with all other SMEG appliances - what would be better than the SMEG Espresso Machine together with a SMEG Toaster or SMEG Kettle

Westmark Moka Pot - Espresso Maker

Westmark, the German brand founded in 1923, offers a more affordable alternative for those looking to make espresso at home. The Westmark Moka Pot is an easy-to-use, compact solution for those with less counter space for appliances or looking for a more travel-friendly espresso machine. This functional, stainless steel espresso maker is perfect for both beginners and those already familiar with using percolators to make coffee at home. Could the Westmark Moka Pot from Cookinglife be the right espresso machine for you?

Buy Espresso Machine

Discover the easiness of making espressos at home with our range of espresso machines! From Cookinglife you can find the best espresso machines that suit your taste and your kitchen, from small and compact to slightly larger and multifunctional appliances. 


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