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Slow juicers

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Slow juicers

Looking for the perfect tool to help you make the tastiest juices at home from fruits, vegetables, nuts, or leafy greens? Discover our range of slow juicers at Cookinglife! We have several high-quality options to choose from, ranging from big and powerful to small and smart. Get your daily vitamins and nutrients with ease using a slow juicer from Cookinglife today! 

What is a slow juicer?

Slow juicers slowly squeeze the juice out of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, lemons, or spinach. The juicer applies bruising and grinding actions to the fruits and vegetables to extract their juice. In this way, almost all of the juice is extracted, leaving behind the dry pulp. The result? Highly concentrated juice that is full of healthy nutrients and fibers. Because the device can squeeze out almost all the juice of ingredients it is also very suitable for low moisture ingredients, such as leafy vegetables or wheatgrass. At Cookinglife you will find a range of slow juicers from leading brands, such as Magimix and Wartmann to complete your kitchen with.

Magimix Slow Juicer

Are you looking for a quality juicer? Then the Magimix Slow Juicer could be perfect for you! Currently, we offer the following slow juicer from Magimix:

  • Magimix Slow Juicer Expert 3 18082EB

This Magimix Slow Juicer has a silent professional motor, is 100% BPA-free, and can be easily cleaned in parts in the dishwasher. Its matte chrome colour looks stylish and trendy in any kitchen, and you can fit the tallest of glasses beneath its spout to catch the juice. The slow juicer comes with two presses, a cleaning spatula, and a recipe book! It is a must-have in any kitchen. Create your own pulp- and seed-free juices today with the Magimix Slow Juicer!

Wartmann Slow Juicer

The Wartmann Slow Juicers are truly something special. These versatile appliances allow you to make anything from juices, pestos, and sauces, to smoothies! Both hard and soft vegetables and fruits can be used, and these smart devices will extract all the juice, vitamins, and nutrients, optimally preserving them. We offer the following slow juicers from Wartmann:

  • Wartmann Slow Juicer - 150 W - Silver - WM01504 VSJ
  • Wartmann Slow Juicer - 200 W - Black - WM-2008 SJ

These appliances are sure to look beautiful in any kitchen, whether you choose classic silver or trendy black. The plastic and stainless steel materials make the appliances quick and easy to clean. 

What should you pay attention to when buying a slow juicer?

Are you interested in a slow juicer, but have no idea what to look out for when buying one? No worries. To make the choice easier for you, we have compiled a list of things to consider when choosing the best slow juicer for your kitchen. 

  • Input shaft: we recommend that you choose a slow juicer that has a wide filling shaft, preferably one that is at least 3 centimeters in diameter. That way large ingredients can fit through it and you will be saved from more cutting work in the kitchen. That, of course, saves preparation time.
  • Separate pulp container: don't like pulp in your juice? Then choose a juicer with a separate pulp container.
  • Extra juicer or not: do you have several family members and would like to make a glass of juice for everyone? Then an extra juice jug can be handy.
  • Power: the more power, the more power the appliance has to squeeze the juice while optimally preserving the nutrients.
  • Grinding speed: we recommend you choose a slow juicer that makes between 35 and 80 revolutions per minute. If the device makes more revolutions, vitamins and minerals will be lost.
  • Quiet engine: Are you a fan of quiet appliances? Then choose a juicer that makes less than 60 decibels of noise.
  • Safety feature: do you want a safe device? Then choose a slow juicer that does not allow the motor to turn on if all components are not installed properly. Especially useful if you have small children.
  • Reverse function: if you want to crush hard ingredients, it is convenient that you choose a slow juicer with a reverse function. This function allows the mortar to rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Juicer or slow juicer?

For juicing, you can not only choose a slow juicer, but also a juicer. But, what are the differences between these two kitchen appliances? We have listed them for you.

Slow juicer:

  • Preparation: slowly crushes the ingredients
  • The input shaft: is usually narrow, so you have to cut the ingredients
  • Suitable for: all vegetables, fruits, nuts, and wheatgrass
  • Type of juice: concentrated


  • Preparation: grates the ingredients at a fast rate
  • The input shaft: is usually wide, so you do not have to cut the ingredients
  • Suitable for: fruits and vegetables that have a high moisture content
  • Type of juice: clear

Buy Slow Juicer

Have you decided on which slow juicer is best for you? Make sure to also consider the slow juicer from Espressions - a powerful machine with ample input for your fruits and vegetables. 

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