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Magimix Chopper

This small but efficient chopper is equipped with a metal blade and an emulsifier: it chops, mixes and emulsifies. In addition, the Magimix Chopper works with just 1 push of a button and has a turbo pulse mode. Discover the Magimix chopper in four different colours!

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Magimix Chopper


The French brand Magimix has been guaranteeing pleasure and quality in the kitchen for years. The products have been developed with the utmost care, and you can see that. The devices have a classic and robust appearance and are extremely user-friendly. Safety is also of paramount importance with this innovative brand, which is reflected in the child safety on the devices. Magimix is ​​best known for the kitchen machines that the brand has brought to the market, but over the years it has considerably expanded the range with other kitchen aids such as the Magimix Chopper.

Magimix Mini Plus

Magimix has designed the Mini Plus for everyone who likes to be in the kitchen. This small food processor never gets in the way and can be used every day. The device comes with various attachments and accessories, making it multifunctional. For example, use the citrus press to squeeze a lemon and the dough knife to knead bread dough. Do you have no inspiration? No worries, the included recipe booklet shows the extensive possibilities of the Magimix Mini Plus see

Magimix Food Processor

The showpiece of Magimix is ​​the food processor. Due to the various functions, accessories and possibilities, this product is versatile. The device has different grating, cutting and mixing options and three mixing attachments. The machine is known for its robust operation and is also easy to clean. The bowls are made of Tritan, which is a break-resistant material. Also, Magimix products are BPA-free. Due to its quiet, classic design, the Magimix food processor is at home in every kitchen.

Magimix Blender

A delicious juice is made with the Magimix blender. This powerful device has a pulse setting so you can easily mix smoothies with ice. When you buy the two accompanying Blend Cups, you can also bring your fresh creations! The blender bowl is heat resistant, so you can easily mix soups and sauces. In short, the Magimix blender is an asset for every kitchen prince(es). Order today and get started with the most delicious recipes.

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