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Slow Cookers

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Slow Cookers

Make food preparation a breeze with our wide range of kitchen appliances. With this kitchen appliance, you can easily simmer, stew and cook dishes slowly. Slow cooking is ideal for making dishes such as pulled pork, stews, curries or a delicious and creamy soup. The slow cooker maintains a constant, relatively low temperature for a long time, ensuring that the flavour of your dish is fully retained. At Cookinglife you will find a diverse range of slow cookers from leading brands such as Cuisinart and Crock-Pot. These appliances are sure to add a touch of luxury to any kitchen while increasing functionality and ease of cooking. Streamline your cooking experience with the slow cookers available at Cookinglife today!

How does a slow cooker work?

The simple idea behind a slow cooker is that it will cook your food slowly.

The pot has a thermostat that allows you to regulate the temperature of the slow cooker. You can set the temperature to low (about 80 degrees) or high (about 90 degrees). The pan actually never gets hotter than 90 degrees and therefore dishes cannot burn. This is where the slow cooker differs from, for example, a frying pan, because frying pans get hotter than 90 degrees. The slow cooker can therefore be turned on all day, without having to worry about burning your dish.

You can prepare your own ingredients in advance, like meat, vegetables, herbs, or perhaps sauce/stock. Put these ingredients into the slow cooker, choose your desired setting and time, and let the appliance do its job. Your dish will then be ready when it suits you best. The great thing about a slow cooker is that it is incredibly safe to leave on while you are away. Just make sure that the slow cooker is on a stable surface and has free space around it.

Why a slow cooker?

  • Saves time and effort: Prepare your ingredients, add them to your slow cooker, set the timer between 4 to 10 hours, and continue on with your day while the slow cooker prepares a delicious meal for you.
  • Saves money: You can use cheaper cuts of meat which will become deliciously tender in the slow cooker. You can also make extra food in a large slow cooker. That way you have tasty meals for days to come!
  • Economical: Although the slow cooker is used throughout the day, it does not use any more power than that of a regular light bulb. The low setting uses between 75 and 150 watts and the high setting is between 150 and 210 watts.
  • Tasty & healthy: A slow cooker helps to retain the delicious flavours. Because the temperature does not rise too high or too quickly, more vitamins, minerals, and liquids are retained when you cook using a slow cooker!

Other benefits: 

  • Easy to clean
  • Make the toughest meat deliciously tender
  • Not much fat needed to prepare dishes
  • Vegetables do not turn mushy

Remember, though, that only one dish at a time is possible! 

What should you look for when buying a slow cooker?

Are you convinced and would like to buy a slow-cooker, but have no idea what to look for? No worries. We've compiled a list of points of interest to help you make the best choice.

  • Capacity: slow cookers come in different sizes and capacities. It is important to take into account the number of people you usually cook for. Note: a slow cooker is an appliance that will last a long time, so you may also want to take into account a possible family expansion. Check out the handy overview below to see which size is suitable for which family size.
    • For 1 to 2 people, a size of 1.5 to 3 L is sufficient.
    • For 3 to 4 persons, a 3 to 5 L format is sufficient.
    • For 5 persons or more, a 5 to 6.5 L (3 to 4 gallon) size will do.
  • Functions: not every slow cooker has the same functions. Read the product information carefully and see whether the slow cooker meets your needs and requirements.
  • Material of the interior: the inner material can be made of ceramic or metal. The advantage of ceramic is that the pan is dishwasher and microwave safe. The advantage of metal is that the pan is oven safe and very sturdy. Each material has several advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you are well informed before you make a choice.


When it comes to slow cookers, Crock-Pot is one of the top brands. In 1970, Crock-pot started out with a simple bean cooker. More than forty years later, millions of people worldwide cook with Crock-pot slow cookers and the brand is consistently listed among the best slow cookers the market has to offer. With the outstanding quality of Crock-pot slow cookers, you can create sustainable, affordable, nutritious, and delicious meals for everyone. 

At Cookinglife you will find various Crockpot slow cookers, including the Crockpot CR027, Crockpot CR605 or the Crockpot CR052. All these slow cookers are equipped with an automatic heat function, have multiple heat settings and have an adjustable cooking time. Furthermore, each Crockpot slow cooker has its own advantages, so be sure to check out the specific products to see what they are. 


Cuisinart offers various stylish and practical products for your kitchen. In addition, these products are made of high-quality materials, so they are durable and you get to enjoy them longer. Cuisinart offers different products, including two slow cookers - one steamer and one grill/steam/bake appliance.


With a slow cooker, the possibilities for recipes are endless. Recipes for healthy and hearty meals have never been easier to complete. With a slow cooker, you can cook meat, curries, soups, and vegetables with ease. The slow cooker is also a great choice for a vegetarian or vegan household! 

Buy a slow cooker

If you are interested in making cooking meals easier, make sure to check out the range of slow cookers available today at Cookinglife! 

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