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Vacuum Packing

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Vacuum Packing

Are you wasting a lot of food? Get a better grip on your own food waste with a handy vacuum sealing machine from Cookinglife.

With a vacuum sealing machine, throwing away food that is still good and edible is a thing of the past! Throwing away your food is not only a waste of food but also for nature and of course, your wallet.

With a vacuum sealing machine you can vacuum package food for longer shelf life. You can do this with leftovers. But also when you have purchased an extra amount of food because of, for example, an offer.

Vacuum sealer at home

The vacuum sealing machine is also a real must-have for at home. For example, you can use the Sirman vacuum sealer for packaging whole meals in portions. Very useful when you have a busy schedule because in this way your own healthy ready-to-eat meal is tailor-made and it only needs to be prepared. At Cookinglife you will also find foil for your vacuum sealing machine to package your food airtight.

Vacuum sealing machine catering

In the catering industry, a lot of use is made of vacuum sealing machines. The vacuum packaging of ingredients or meals is an efficient way to prepare yourself for a busy evening. You can easily package vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and potatoes in portions with the vacuum sealer. This way, you always have the right amount of fresh ingredients at hand.

Buy a vacuum packing machine

In our collection, you will find vacuum sealing machines in various sizes and from various brands. Do you work in a professional kitchen, or do you want to vacuum package food regularly? Then the Sirman vacuum sealing machine is an ideal solution. These come in two sizes and with or without a cutting blade. Buy a vacuum sealing machine online now in our webshop and save money in the long term!

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