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Coffee Machines

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Coffee Machines

Would you like to enjoy a heavenly cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home? Then a coffee machine is surely recommended for you. In our wide assortment, you can find all sorts of coffee machines. You could choose a coffee machine with a hot water function, which is ideal for also making a cup of tea! Do you appreciate all varieties of coffee? Then you should go for a coffee machine with a cappuccino or an espresso function. Nowadays, most premium coffee machines also come equipped with an automatic bean grinder, we also offer coffee machines with this function. Of course, for those that still appreciates the traditional ways, we offer filter coffee machines. Whatever type of coffee machine you choose, you can always choose for high-quality. In our extensive collection of coffee machines, you will find premium brands such as SMEG, Moccamaster, and Espressions

Bean to cup coffee machine

Is convenience the most important factor for you when purchasing a new coffee machine? Then go for a bean to cup coffee machine! These premium appliances come with a built-in bean grinder. With only a few prior tasks to complete, a beautiful cup of coffee will be in your hands in no time. All you need to do is add the beans to the machine, set the taste or strength of the brew, and the machine does the rest for you! It doesn't get much easier than that: in our wide range of coffee makers, you can go for a machine with or without a built-in bean grinder. If you purchase an espresso machine, for example, you will need a separate bean grinder to go along with it. We also offer coffee machines that are suitable for making cappuccinos. At Cookinglife, there is something to meet everyone's needs and preferences. 

Filter coffee machine

Are you a fan of brewing coffee traditionally? Then a filter coffee machine is definitely for you. The advantage of this type of coffee machine is that it is more affordable and simple to operate. Filter coffee is usually cheaper than buying beans. With a filter coffee machine you can make a whole pot of coffee in one go, as opposed to a cup at a time with a bean grinder coffee machine. This makes a filter coffee machine ideal for when you have many guests or many coffee drinkers in the house. The machine is easy to operate; you place the filter in the device, fill the water tank, fill the filter with coffee, and press the button. A few minutes later, you have a pot full of delicious coffee. There are plenty of reason to choose a filter coffee machine, available at Cookinglife.

SMEG Coffee Machine

SMEG is well-known for its high-quality designer products, especially their coffee machines. SMEG coffee machines are immediately recognizable from their retro design. You can choose from many beautiful colours such as: red, white, pastel blue, water green, black, chrome, cream, taupe, and slate grey. In our wide assortment, you can find a variety of SMEG coffee machines. At Cookinglife, you can find the SMEG bean grinder and espresso machines as well. Whatever SMEG coffee maker you are looking for, Cookinglife most likely has it in stock. Here you will find the BCC01, DCF02, ECF01, and the BCC02. Do you prefer another brand? No problem, Cookinglife also has an assortment of products from Moccamaster, Espressions, and WMF.

What type of coffee makers are there?

The range of coffee is extensive. You can choose from an espresso, cappuccino, Americano, latte macchiato, and many more. Or will you go for a cup of traditional filter coffee? The type of coffee you would like to drink is also dependent on the type of coffee machine you have. Not every machine can make all styles of coffee. In the overview below, you can see what types of coffee machines there are and what the advantages and disadvantages of them are per machine. 

  • Filter coffee machine
    • Advantages
      • You can make a lot of coffee at once
      • Easy to use
      • Ground coffee is often more affordable than beans
    • Disadvantages
      • You can not make espresso or cappuccino
      • No additional functions
  • Bean to cup coffee machine
    • Advantages
      • With one push of a button, you have a cup of coffee
      • Easy to use
      • You can adjust the strength
      • Not much cleaning needed
      • Can also have a milk frother function
    • Disadvantages
      • Relatively more expensive
      • Maintenance costs are high
  • Espresso machine
    • Advantages
      • ​​​​​​​Full control over flavour
      • User-friendly
      • Long lifespan
      • Easily make the most delicious espressos
    • Disadvantages
      • ​​​​​​​Making espresso takes more time
      • Bean grinder sold separately

What should you look for when buying a coffee machine?

Are you interested in buying the right coffee machine, but want to know more about what to look out for when completing your purchase? To make sure you get the best deal, we've compiled a list of things to look out for. These are points you can look out for to make sure you get the best coffee maker to meet your needs and preferences.

  • Type of coffee: it is very important to think of what kind of coffee you would like to make with your new machine. The coffee machine must be able to brew the style of coffee you would like to make. Do you prefer an espresso in the morning? Definitely take a look at our espresso machines. Prefer a more traditional coffee brewing method? Take a look at our filter coffee makers.
  • Coffee grinders: If you decide to purchase a coffee maker with a coffee bean grinder built-in, it is important to pay attention to the number of grinding levels the machine has. When a coffee maker has several grinding levels, you have more choice in terms of taste. The coarser the grind, the stronger your coffee will taste. If you prefer a various strength brew, this is an important point for you. 
  • Milk frother: the cappuccino is a popular style of coffee consumption. In order to properly make this popular drink, you will need a coffee maker with a built-in milk frother. 
  • Functions: is convenience the most important factor for you? Then you should go for a coffee maker with many functions, such as: a timer, a swivel filter, aroma controller, and a drip stop. 
  • Design: do you have many kitchen appliances in your kitchen, or do you prefer to follow a specific style? Then pay attention to the design of the coffee machine. Does it match your style? At Cookinglife, there is a coffee machine to meet everyone's needs and preferences.
  • Brand: You can also consider the brand of the coffee machine. If you already have kitchen appliances from a certain brand, then a coffee machine from that brand will probably fit in well with the design. For example, we sell many kitchen appliances from SMEG, which all have a recognisable retro design and fit very well together.

Buy Coffee Machine

Have you been able to make a choice and do you know which coffee machine you would like to buy? Then simply purchase your desired appliance in our online shop, and we will ensure that the product is delivered to your home as soon as possible. Do you need some more help in the kitchen? Then you have come to the right place. Cookinglife offers a wide range of kitchen equipment. In our webshop you can not only buy a coffee machine, but also a kettle, milk frother, bean grinder, espresso machine and much more. Besides a coffee machine, you also need cups to drink your delicious coffee. Here, too, we can be of service. Take a look at our coffee cups, espresso cups or cappuccino cups.

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