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Is there anything better than the sound of a toaster popping first thing in the morning? Whether you prefer a simple slice of freshly buttered toast, or a toasted bagel, a high-quality toaster is a must-have in every kitchen. Our wide toaster range at Cookinglife offers something for everyone. Perhaps you're looking for a traditional 2-slice toaster, or a 4-slice toaster if you have more mouths to feed. You are sure to find the right toaster for your kitchen in our selection!

Smeg toaster

A Smeg toaster not only looks great but is also extremely durable and high-quality. There is nothing that will look better on your kitchen counter than a Smeg toaster! Smeg products are known for their classic, vintage-looking designs and their toaster is no different. The possibilities are endless with a Smeg toaster. In addition to making toast, you can also use a Smeg toaster to toast a bagel, crumpet, toastie or even for reheating. Which Smeg toaster will you go for?

Kettle and toaster set

Look for a kettle to match your toaster as a set? Then you're in the right place! A matching kettle and toaster looks a treat set side by side on the kitchen counter. Do you want a classic grey kettle and toaster set from Alessi, or a more colourful set from Smeg? Mix and match your own kettle and toaster set from our wide selection of kitchen appliances and get creative!

How to clean a toaster?

Most toaster designs have a special crumb tray in the base. Simply slide the crumb tray out of the toaster and empty the contents into the bin. You can easily remove all the crumbs from the drawer with a pastry brush. Also make sure to brush the base of the toaster. There will always be crumbs left behind wherever the tray is removed. Is the crumb tray especially dirty? Then just clean it with warm soapy water. Make sure the drawer is completely dry before putting it back into the base of your toaster! You can easily clean the outside of a toaster with a slightly damp cloth.

Sandwich toaster

Did you know that a toaster can easily double as a sandwich toaster? This means buying a separate appliance for toasting a sandwich is not necessary at all - a toaster can do it all! All you need is a sandwich clamp, which you put your sandwich into before placing it in the toaster. It saves space in the kitchen that a sandwich toaster would otherwise take up and tastes just as great. This is one of the best parts of having a toaster in your kitchen; as well as functioning as a normal toaster, it can also be used as a sandwich toaster and much more!

What is the best toaster on the market?

When it comes to purchasing a toaster, it's not about what is the best toaster on the market, but rather which is best suited to your needs. Every toaster available at Cookinglife is durable and of high quality, so your choice should be focused on the size, design and functions of the toaster. Want to match your new toaster with another kitchen appliance? Or find everything for serving the perfect breakfast, such as tea and coffee accessories, a juicer or an egg cup set! At Cookinglife, you are in the right place for finding the best toaster for you on the market.

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