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Is there anything better than the sound of a toaster popping first thing in the morning? Whether you prefer a simple slice of freshly buttered toast or a toasted bagel, a high-quality toaster is a must-have in every kitchen. Our wide toaster range at Cookinglife offers something for everyone. Perhaps you're looking for a traditional 2-slice toaster, or a 4-slice toaster if you have more mouths to feed. You are sure to find the right toaster for your kitchen in our selection!

SMEG Toaster

A SMEG toaster not only looks great but is also extremely durable and high-quality. There is nothing that will look better on your kitchen counter than a retro SMEG toaster! SMEG products are known for their classic, vintage-looking designs and their toaster is no different. The possibilities are endless with a SMEG toaster. The SMEG 4 slice toaster offers space for four slices of bread and the 2 slice SMEG toaster is the perfect solution if you want to toast 2 slices of toast at a time. They are easy to combine with any other SMEG appliance and truly fit into any kitchen. Why not go for a set of a black SMEG toaster combined with a black SMEG kettle? In addition to making toast, you can also use a SMEG toaster to toast a bagel, crumpet, toastie, or even for defrosting frozen bread. Which SMEG toaster will you go for?

KitchenAid Toaster

Complete your kitchen with a beautiful and highly functional KitchenAid toaster! A KitchenAid toaster has two extra-wide slots to fit almost any kind of bread, and seven settings to choose from to heat your bread just right. The toasters also boast a defrost and bagel function, making the KitchenAid toaster extra practical and necessary in any kitchen! The KitchenAid toaster will also keep your bread warm for up to 3 minutes after it has finished toasting, ensuring a perfectly toasted and still warm bread every single time. 

At Cookinglife we have a complete range of 2-slice KitchenAid toasters. With colours ranging from classic silver and stainless steel to cream, black, and the famous KitchenAid empire red, you are sure to find just the perfect one for your kitchen. The Kitchenaid Long Slot Toaster will even fit paninis and ciabattas! The classic and elegant style of the KitchenAid toasters ensures that you can easily combine them with your other kitchen appliances, such as the Kitchenaid Kettle or even the stunning retro SMEG Kettle. Find your own KitchenAid toaster at Cookinglife today!

Dualit Toaster

Bring some luxury to your kitchen with the UK-made Dualit Toaster! Each toaster is hand-assembled in the United Kingdom and is a distinct and beautiful addition to any kitchen. At Cookinglife we have both the Dualit NewGen (2-slice) and Dualit Lite (2-slice and 4-slice) collections. The NewGen toasters come in a range of stunning colours, from the shining Polished Toaster to the matte Eucalyptus, Evergreen, Copper, Brass, Desert, and Limestone. The Lite Toasters are likewise available in several colours, such as matte black, white, and red. 

The Dualit Toaster is a truly stunning addition to any kitchen, packing both functionality and elegance. With the Dualit Toaster anything is possible - toast slices of bread, defrost frozen bread, and toast bagels and buns. The toaster has an energy-saving option as well, allowing you to heat only one slot at a time! To make breakfast and lunch even tastier, combine the toaster with the Dualit Sandwich cages, to heat up sandwiches filled to the brim with a tasty filling. The beauty and simplicity of the Dualit Toasters also make combining them with other kitchen appliances a dream - just imagine the beautiful pastel or matte Dualit toaster next to a similarly coloured retro SMEG Kettle or Cuisinart Kettle or Food Processor

Cuisinart Toaster

A Cuisinart toaster is a great choice for any kitchen, with its modern and stylish design that will bring an elegant touch to your countertop. The Cuisinart toaster comes in a range of colours, from black and white to stainless steel, and stunning retro styles in pink and green. They are easy to match with any decor your home and kitchen have! A Cuisinart toaster has 3 heating features: bagel, defrost, and reheat. Get the perfect toast every time thanks to the various heating settings. Designed for ease of use and beautiful design, the Cuisinart is a great way to add function and style to your breakfast routine.

Cuisinart toaster 4-slice

The Cuisinart 4-slice toaster is a great way to get the whole family together to enjoy breakfast. With 4 slots, you can toast 4 pieces of bread at a time, making breakfast preparation all the faster. This is ideal for households of 4 or more! If you are in a smaller household or just have less counter space, Cuisinart also offers the classic two-slice toaster, which looks and works just as good as the larger one!

Alessi Toaster

Introduce some Italian luxury to your kitchen with the classic Alessi Toaster! The Alessi Plissé Toaster is an elegant addition to any kitchen, coming in a range of stunning yet simple colours: black, white, red, and grey. The easy to clean and BPA-free toasters come with heating, defrosting, and bagel functions to ensure a smooth and tasty experience for any kind of treat you may want to toast! The Alessi Toaster also has 6 possible heat settings, making the toaster a functional addition to your kitchen interior. Due to its uniquely classic and sleek design, it can be easily combined with other beautiful kitchen appliances available at Cookinglife, such as our wide range of SMEG, KitchenAid, Dualit, and other Alessi products! The Alessi toaster looks especially striking when next to a beautiful kettle, in particular the matching Alessi Kettle. 

Kettle and toaster set

Are you looking the for the perfect kettle and toaster set? At Cookinglife we have a wide range of both kettles and toasters, from which you can take your pick! Thanks to the simple beauty and elegance of Alessi, SMEG, Dualit, and KitchenAid kettles and toasters, it is easy to combine them across brands. Make your kitchen stand out with a black SMEG Kettle and SMEG toaster set, or a matte white Alessi Kettle and Alessi Toaster combination. Find your perfect kettle and toaster set with the bright colours of the retro Italian brand SMEG, or be creative and mix and match. Browse our kitchen appliances to discover your favourites!

How to clean a toaster?

Most toaster designs have a special crumb tray in the base. Simply slide the crumb tray out of the toaster and empty the contents into the bin. You can easily remove all the crumbs from the drawer with a pastry brush. Also, make sure to brush the base of the toaster. There will always be crumbs left behind wherever the tray is removed. Is the crumb tray especially dirty? Then just clean it with warm soapy water. Make sure the drawer is completely dry before putting it back into the base of your toaster! You can easily clean the outside of a toaster with a slightly damp cloth.

Sandwich toaster

Did you know that a toaster can easily double as a sandwich toaster? This means buying a separate appliance for toasting a sandwich is not necessary at all - a toaster can do it all! All you need is a sandwich clamp, which you put your sandwich into before placing it in the toaster. It saves space in the kitchen that a sandwich toaster would otherwise take up and tastes just as great. This is one of the best parts of having a toaster in your kitchen; as well as functioning as a normal toaster, it can also be used as a sandwich toaster and much more!

What is the best toaster on the market?

When it comes to purchasing a toaster, it's not about what is the best toaster on the market, but rather which is best suited to your needs. Every toaster available at Cookinglife is durable and of high quality, so your choice should be focused on the size, design, and functions of the toaster. Want to match your new toaster with another kitchen appliance? Or find everything for serving the perfect breakfast, such as a coffee maker or espresso machine, a juicer, or an egg cup! At Cookinglife, you are in the right place for finding the best toaster for you on the market. Make sure to check out our Westinghouse, Cuisinart, Rig-Tig, and WMF toasters as well! 

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