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SMEG Toaster

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SMEG Toaster

Add stunning Italian craftsmanship to your kitchen with a toaster from SMEG. The iconic Italian brand not only looks beautiful on every kitchen worktop but also offers top-level performance and function. With different sizes to choose from, there is a SMEG toaster suitable for every size of household. Are you looking for accessories to complement your SMEG toaster? We also have various sandwich racks and other accessories offered by SMEG. Choose from an array of stunning colours to find your new favourite toaster today!

SMEG toaster

Once the award-winning SMEG toaster has become a part of your kitchen, you'll find every excuse to use it. The SMEG Toaster is packing functionality and ergonomics into an aesthetically pleasing retro 50s-style kitchen staple. It features three automatic programmes: Reheat, Defrost, and Bagel. Additionally, the SMEG Toaster is adjustable to 6 roasting degrees and is equipped with illuminated control knobs. Thanks to these six settings, you can decide how crispy your bread will be!


Cookinglife is an authorised reseller of SMEG. The Italian-designed SMEG toaster is a stylish and timeless appliance that will make your breakfast more enjoyable. It comes in a variety of colours and sizes, so you can be sure to find the perfect one for your kitchen.

  • It has a compact design, but it still has plenty of space for toast, bread or bagels.
  • The SMEG toaster has 6 different settings to ensure a perfect toast every time.
  • Choose from several different heating elements (reheat, defrost, and bagel).
  • It is made from a combination of high-quality stainless steel and plastic that are easy to clean and maintain.
  • You can even create sandwiches using the sandwich rack and bun warmer accessories that are also available from SMEG. These can also help keep your toast warm.
  • The toasters allow for extra easy cleaning, thanks to the removable crumb tray.

Discover your own retro SMEG Toaster at the Cookinglife shop today! 

SMEG toaster 4 slice

The SMEG 4-slice toaster offers space for four slices of bread - the perfect way to start your morning. The 4-slice toaster comes in two variations:

  1. One toaster with 2 extra wide slots
  2. One toaster with 4 normal sized slots

Once the slices of bread are ready, they automatically rise - toasted for just the right amount of time. A toaster is a perfect option if you often use frozen bread! Simply warm or defrost your bread with different automatic programmes. Please note that the Bagel function allows you to toast only one side! The SMEG 4-slice toaster can be used for sliced bread, artisan bread, baguettes, or bagels. 

SMEG toaster 2 slice

The SMEG 2 slice toaster is the perfect solution if you want to toast two slices of toast at a time. The toaster has 2 slots in which you will fit one piece of toast each at a time. This smaller retro toaster is compact yet highly functional and looks elegant and beautiful in any kitchen! The slices of bread will pop up automatically when they are done, according to your chosen roasting setting. The measurements make it the perfect solution for those who need only 2 slices of bread toasted at a time or may have less counter space. The 2 slice SMEG toaster comes with three functions: reheat, defrost, and bagel. Take note that the Bagel function browns only one side of the bagel, without toasting the other!

SMEG Toaster and Kettle

The SMEG toaster has been designed with a retro look but features a modern and functional design. The toaster, like the SMEG Kettle, is compatible with all other SMEG appliances and can be easily integrated into any kitchen. The design of the toaster is sleek, modern, and minimalist. The SMEG Toaster is therefore the perfect choice for those looking to complement their toaster with their other kitchen appliances. It truly looks great anywhere and with anything!

Chrome, cream, white, or pink SMEG Toaster? 

The SMEG Toasters come in a range of beautiful and striking colours to make your kitchen come to life. A range of classically elegant, vibrantly fun, and sleek modern options are all available. Discover the various shades SMEG is known for - including several matte and pastel colours - at Cookinglife! Our full collection of SMEG Toasters includes the following colour options: black, white, cream, pink, red, chrome, champagne, slate grey, pastel blue or pastel green, matte black or matte white. Whether you are looking for a fun light pink or blue, or a timelessly elegant black or chrome toaster, introduce some colour and vibrancy into your home with a SMEG Toaster today - a truly special centrepiece for any kitchen! 

SMEG colours

The colours of the SMEG products match across collections, meaning that you can easily combine the toaster with a SMEG Kettle, SMEG Milk Frother or a SMEG Stand Mixer! This great versatility means that you can style your kitchen with either one or many beautiful colours of your choice, ranging from white to black, and pastels to mattes. Complete your kitchen with a SMEG kettle and toaster today from Cookinglife!

  • Black SMEG Toaster: Are you looking for a retro yet modern and elegant addition to your kitchen? Then the Black SMEG toaster is the perfect choice for you! The stunning deep black SMEG toaster adds an element of sleek modernity to any kitchen, while still matching with other appliances, such as the stylish SMEG Blender or our bestselling SMEG Coffee Machine. Impress your friends with a Black SMEG Toaster from Cookinglife! 
  • SMEG Toaster Cream: Are you looking for a neutral colour that will match all your existing appliances? The SMEG toaster in cream is a great choice. With a natural and warm tone, SMEG cream adds a soft touch to your home. Easily dispose of crumbs after use thanks to the crumb tray.
  • SMEG Toaster Black: The SMEG toaster in black is a more striking choice, sure to match a modern kitchen with dark and wooden elements. Available in matt and shiny black, either colour is sure to make an impact in any kitchen. Perfect as a moody design addition that is also excellent for heating up bagels and muffins.
  • SMEG Toaster Red: Are you a real fan of retro kitchenware? The SMEG toaster in red is a representative example of true retro. This bright colour is not only iconic but also a great addition to a kitchen either modern or traditional. Easily match the red toaster with one of our red SMEG kettles and collect other red items from SMEG in stock at Cookinglife. Create your own striking collection!


Whether you are looking for a SMEG 4 slice toaster or a SMEG 2 slice toaster, Cookinglife has the accompanying bun warmers and sandwich racks for you as well! In this way, you can heat your toast even when it has a filling and allows you to serve the sandwich while it is still warm. Avoid burnt hands and messy fillings by using the SMEG toaster accessories and make your toasting experience even smoother!

How to Clean Your SMEG Toaster 

To keep your SMEG Toaster in excellent condition, make sure to wipe the exterior regularly. Avoid using abrasive or corrosive cleaning materials, to better preserve the stainless steel interior and exterior of the toaster. Please use a damp cloth and wipe thoroughly yet gently over the toaster, finishing with a dry soft cloth or microfiber cloth to wipe the excess off. 

Buy SMEG Toaster

Is the SMEG toaster not what you were searching for? Discover our full range of SMEG products or browse the entire collection of toasters at Cookinglife! Enjoy free delivery when you order for €99 or more.

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