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The family business Bodum, founded in 1944 by Peter Bodum in Copenhagen (Denmark), has developed various articles over the years. These have received international recognition for their unique design. Bodum has been a brand that has been innovating and developing unique concepts in the field of coffee makers and glassware for more than 70 years. It has since become a well-known brand and is popular in many kitchens. Bodum products can be used during various times of the day and in many different spheres.

Bodum Cafetiere

A fantastic product line from Bodum is the Bodum Cafetieres. For example, the Bodum Bistro, the French coffee press, can still be found in many kitchens. This product should, therefore, not be missing in the Cookinglife collection. Bistro, the French coffee press, was voted the most environmentally friendly coffee maker by the international media. The Bodum Cafetiere is now available in various designs, but the mode of use remains unchanged.

Bodum Double-walled glass

For years trendy and versatile to use in every household, the Bodum double-walled glasses, these are also widely used in the catering industry. All glasses are made of double-walled Borosilicate glass and are mouth-blown, making each piece unique. The double-walled glasses are resistant to temperatures from -30 to +530 degrees which make them suitable for various drinks, soups, ice cream and can be used for starters, main courses and desserts.

Thanks to the Bodum double-walled glasses, your drink or dish stays warm for an extra-long time, and you can still grip it well without burning your hands. Bodum's glasses have several design awards. As with all other glassworks, it is essential to handle the glassware with care. For example, make sure that metal spoons are not thrown into the glass, as this can cause scratches and breaks. Various lines are available in the Bodum double-walled glasses. The popular and most famous collections such as Bodum Pavina and Bodum Canteen are available in our range.

Bodum Cafetiere to go

Bodum has thought of everything, so they have a wide range of Bodum thermos cup in various colours and even a cafetiere to go where you can quickly make and drink the coffee. Grind your coffee beans at home in the electric bean-grinder, add boiled water from the kettle and the delicious coffee is ready.

Buy Bodum at Cookinglife!

Everything for making and serving coffee and tea from Bodum is available at Cookinglife. We have all standard brewing methods without a plugin our range, such as cafetieres with the Bodum model Chambord with filter coffee and the Bodum Pour Over model. Does Bodum have what you are looking for? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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