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Le Creuset Whistling Kettle

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Le Creuset Whistling Kettle

Add a splash of colour to your kitchen decor with a Le Creuset Whistling Kettle. With a classic look, the traditional whistle sound, and a variety of beautiful shades to choose from, the whistling kettles are a great addition to any home and kitchen. Discover your favourite from the in-stock Traditional, Kone, Demi, and Zen designs, and refine your tea or coffee experience with Le Creuset at Cookinglife.

How can you use the Le Creuset Whistling Kettle?

The Le Creuset Whistling Kettle is a multifunctional way to boil the water for your perfect cup of tea or coffee and to start your day right. These kettles are suited for all hob types, including induction hob. Please do note, however, that they are not suited for outdoor use, such as on the BBQ/grill. Enjoy freshly brewed tea with the enamelled steel kettles from Le Creuset. The high-quality steel will last for a long time.

What makes the Whistling Kettle by Le Creuset the best?

Not only is the Le Creuset Whistling Kettle beautiful to look at, but it also has various advantageous features that make it a suitable option for most households:

  • The enamelled steel material helps ensure even heat distribution so that you can make your freshly brewed tea as quickly as possible. It also helps to keep the water hot for longer, while bringing a traditional look to your kitchen hob.
  • The ergonomic handle is designed for comfortable use and easy lifting. When lifted high during boiling, it will stay cool to make sure that you do not burn your hands once the water is ready.
  • The traditional whistle sound will let you know when your water is boiling.
  • The kettles are suited for all hob types (except BBQ), including induction. They are a versatile addition to the kitchen that lasts for years and can handle moves between houses.
  • The kettles are easy to clean and maintain in good condition. Easily hand-wash it with warm water and a mild detergent, avoiding harsh chemical and physical scrubs. If you follow these guidelines, the kettles will last for years and give you the perfect cup of tea or coffee every day.

Le Creuset Traditional Kettle

The stove-top kettle Le Creuset comes in various designs and capacities. The Traditional Kettle has the classic shape iconic to Le Creuset kettles. With a high ergonomic and heat-resistant handle, a capacity of 2.1 L, and a wide base, it is a great addition to any kitchen and fits on every hob. If you are looking for a truly vintage style in your kitchen, consider the satin black kettles. Is black too dark for you? Choose from nine other available colours, such as beautiful Azure, a misty grey, or a soft yellow Soleil. The kettle has a large opening that makes it easy to fill the inside, as well as to clean it after use. The kettles also come with a lid with a black knob that contributes to the classic and seamless appearance of the kettles. 

Le Creuset Kone Kettle

Love the traditional kettle but do not need that much water for your coffee or tea? Consider the Le Creuset Kone kettle. The Kone kettles are triangular - or cone-shaped, crafted from enamelled steel material. The Kone kettle features a slightly smaller body, with up to 1.6 L of water for tea fitting in. We offer the Le Creuset Kone stove kettles in an array of stunning colours. Do you have an industrial-styled kitchen? Refine it with the traditional satin black colour to your home. How about a soft and light atmosphere? Add the meringue or the shell pink Kone Le Creuset kettles. There is something for everyone's style in this collection of Le Creuset kettles.

Le Creuset Demi Kettle

This miniature kettle packs a powerful punch despite its size. With a capacity of 1.1 L, it is still big enough to produce between 3-5 cups of water for your cosy tea or coffee. The Le Creuset kettles in the Demi collection have the same shape and material as the traditional series and come in three shades: cerise, satin black, and volcanic. They are essentially the same as the Traditional kettles, only with a smaller capacity. That means, that they also have a large ergonomic handle, a snug lid, and a large opening that makes filling the kettle and cleaning it afterwards quick and easy. Which colour will you add to your home?

Le Creuset Zen Kettle

If you are looking for a true designer kettle, we offer the Zen kettle Le Creuset. With a low and wide body, the kettle has a vintage, Eastern appearance that ensures efficient heating. The Zen kettles boil 1.5 L of water in one go, which makes them suitable for any kitchen or household. Add an exotic touch to your kitchen and your morning coffee ritual with the Zen Le Creuset stove kettles. Find the best deals at Cookinglife for all the in-stock steel kettles!

What are the Le Creuset Whistling Kettle colours?

The stylish Le Creuset stove top kettles are a harmony of colour, material, function, designs, and style. With a wide range of stunning shades to choose from, the kettle is sure to brighten up and bring a pop of colour to your kitchen. Bring spring to your kitchen with a shell pink kettle, or the leafy vibrancy of summer with a bamboo green kettle, or a moody volcanic red for fall, and a beautiful satin black for winter. Other colours available from Le Creuset include:

  • Yellow
  • Cerise
  • Mist Grey
  • Deep teal
  • Azure
  • Meringue
  • Caribbean blue

Make brightly coloured kettles a part of your daily tea or coffee ritual!

How do you maintain a Le Creuset Whistling Kettle?

Maintaining your Le Creuset Whistling Kettle is very easy! After each use, clean the kettle with washing-up liquid. Note! Never use abrasive detergents or cleaning cloths. This will damage the surface. When you have finished, it is important to dry the kettle well to prevent limescale deposits. 

Buy Le Creuset Whistling Kettle

Order your new kettle in our webshop and we will make sure your order is delivered to your home as soon as possible. By the way, did you know that Cookinglife is the right address for all Le Creuset products? Not only can you buy a Le Creuset Whistling Kettle, but also:

Our range of Le Creuset includes almost 700 products - so there is sure to be something for everyone!  Complete your kitchen with all things Le Creuset from Cookinglife.

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