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The American brand Microplane is best known for its planing, grating and accessories. Since 2007, production has moved to Mexico, which means that you benefit from high quality and a competitive price. The planing and grating are razor-sharp because they are cut with a laser. This laser cut precision also makes the graters last much longer. The steel used is often stainless. Microplane offers different lines. These can be admired in the Cookinglife webshop!

Microplane Grater

One of the showpieces is the razor-sharp Microplane grater. The graters are made of stainless steel, and there are different models for fine or coarse grating. Therefore, these graters are suitable for grating various ingredients such as cheese, vegetables and nuts. Because the graters are so sharp, Cookinglife recommends wearing Microplane safety gloves or using the Microplane grater holder. All Microplane graters are the same size, and therefore the Grater holder can be used on any grater. Microplane offers several lines, including the entry model Microplane Professional and the extensive line Microplane Gourmet. In addition to a Microplane grater, you can also buy other graters from other brands at Cookinglife.

Microplane spiral cutter

If you like to present your meals, a Microplane spiral cutter is indispensable. This plastic spiral cutter has two openings so you can easily cut strings of different sizes. The spiral cutter works like a pencil sharpener, and this will quickly make your meal look festive. The Microplane spiral cutter is part of the Microplane Specialties series with all kinds of handy kitchen tools. In any case, at Cookinglife, you can order quickly and efficiently and benefit from competitive prices!

Microplane Mandoline

The well-known sharpness is now also available in the form of the Microplane mandoline. With this mandoline, you can cut measured slices of vegetables or fruit with high precision. The advantage of a mandoline is that you can determine the thickness of the slices yourself and cut slices of the same size each time. The Microplane mandoline is also part of the Microplane Specialties, Microplane's range of kitchen tools. Get even more inspired in the field of vegetable slicing by checking out our range vegetable slicers.

Buy Microplane

At Cookinglife you can choose from various types of kitchen accessories from Microplane. Both in our online and offline store, you always succeed in finding the right model. If you have found the Microplane accessory that suits you, you can order it quickly and easily in our webshop. Once you have paid, our employees ensure that the Microplane grater is delivered to your home quickly and in perfect condition. Do you have any questions? Our customer service is happy to help you both by telephone and by e-mail. That is why you can easily buy all Microplane items at Cookinglife!

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