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Cafetieres & Coffee Makers

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Cafetieres & Coffee Makers

You can easily make the most delicious fresh coffee with a cafetiere! A cafetiere is also called French Press, because when brewing you push the coffee down with a press. The most significant advantage of a cafetiere is that you don't need a coffee filter with a coffee machine. This preserves the fresh coffee flavour. When you make coffee with a cafetiere, you first fill the cafetiere with coffee. Then pour hot water into the cafeteria. Let the coffee sit for about 10 minutes and then slowly push the sieve down. Please note how many cups of coffee you want to brew at once with the cafetiere, you need about 12 grams of ground coffee per cup of coffee. With a cafetiere, you can also quickly determine whether you prefer a finer, medium or coarse grind.

Cafetiere Coffee

Which coffee should you use for making coffee with a cafetiere? There are three options for making coffee with a cafetiere. The first option is ground coffee yourself. Ground coffee is available at supermarkets. As a second option, you can choose good ground coffee beans. You can also do this at a speciality coffee shop. They can grind the beans into freshly ground coffee. As a third option, it is possible to choose Italian Moka coffee that already has the perfect roast and grind!

Bodum Cafetiere

The modern Bodum cafetieres are available in various colours and sizes. From 3 to 12 cups! There is a Bodum cafeteria available for everyone. The Bodum cafetieres are made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is glass that provides extra insulation. Borosilicate glass is heat-resistant glass that has a longer lifespan than other types of glass. Borosilicate glass is less fragile than it appears. To use the Bodum cafetiere, pour ground coffee into the cafetiere. Then you add hot water and let the water soak for about 10 minutes. Then press the coffee upwards with the press and the coffee grains down. The enjoyment can now begin!

Buy a Cafetiere

Order your cafetiere quickly and inexpensively in our webshop and put delicious fresh coffee in an instant! At Cookinglife, your cafeteria will be packed with care, and you can pay quickly and safely. In addition to Bodum cafetiere, we also offer cafetieres from brands such as Bialetti, Westmark, Barista & Co, Gefu, Le Creuset and Alessi. At Cookinglife, you benefit from competitive prices and fast delivery!

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