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Afternoon Tea Boxes

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Afternoon Tea Boxes

We have a suitable Afternoon Tea Box for everyone at Cookinglife. This way, you stylishly present your favourite tea flavours. You and your guests can indulge themselves in a wide variety of teas in your tea chest. We have many tea boxes from the unique brand Pickwick, which is known for the tea products for every occasion.

Wooden Afternoon Tea Box

We offer different types of Afternoon Tea Boxes, such as stainless steel and a wooden tea box. Our tea boxes have a lid to seal your tea from dust. You can choose a top with or without glass. The advantage of a cover with glass is that you can present the tea well in the box, even with the lid closed. A wooden tea chest gives your interior a natural touch.

Tea chest 12 compartments

Cookinglife offers you different versions of a 12 compartment tea chest. With this box, you have plenty of space for different types of tea. You can drink tea in style with tea glasses from Cookinglife. You can use the tea chest 12 compartments for your teabags, but something else is of course also possible! Ultimately, it is a handy storage box for all kinds of things, such as buttons and spools of thread. We offer you a smaller tea bag holder for ten pieces, but also tea boxes with, for example, 6 or 9 compartments.

Tea chest filled

You are fully equipped with a tea chest filled with tea bags. We have a tea chest with 12 different types of Pickwick tea. Also, we have a tea chest with which you can grow your tea, and thus create your blends yourself! A tea chest filled with tea bags or soil and tea for growing is an excellent gift. Cookinglife offers you a wide range of tea boxes in our stock.

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