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Dinner Sets

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Dinner Sets

Are you looking for the perfect dinnerware to make every meal special? Whether it's a casual family gathering or an elegant dinner party, the right dinnerware can enhance your dining experience. From classic white porcelain sets to vibrant stoneware and colourful daily dinnerware, there is something for everyone at Cookinglife. With so many options available today, finding the best dinnerware for your needs can seem daunting. But don't worry - we've got you covered! Read on to learn more about what types of dinner sets are available and how to choose the ideal dinner set for your home and dining room.

Dinner sets

At Cookinglife, we carry a wide range of dinner sets that are suitable for everyday use. For an affordable price, you can get your own Villeroy & Boch, Le Creuset, Iittala, Maxwell & Williams, Wedgwood, and Jay Hill dinner set, for example! They range in sizes and functionalities, with some consisting just of plates and bowls, while others also include glasses and mugs for that after-dinner coffee moment. The durable porcelain can handle the dishwasher, microwave, and oven, for all your cooking needs. At our store, we offer sets ranging from 4-piece, 12-piece, 18-piece, and 24-piece up to 36-piece dinner sets. Create the perfect dinner party with a dinner set from the Cookinglife online store!


Each dinner set is dishwasher-safe, although for some, hand-washing is recommended for the durability of the product. This makes for a quick and easy cleaning up of your dining table and kitchen after a meal. The porcelain can withstand high heat and can be also used in the microwave to heat up leftovers, for example. Which dinner set will you add to your basket?

12-piece dinner set

Are you looking for a dinner set that is perfect for 4 people? These sets often include 4 dinner plates, 4 deep plates, and 4 side plates or bowls. It is the perfect compact option for those unable to store bigger sets, or who do not need to add more items to their tableware.

18-piece dinner set

A durable, lightweight, and good set for any home is the 18-piece dinner set. It is ideal for a household of several people or a smaller one that frequently hosts guests. These sets usually consist of plates, bowls, and dishes, with six of each. At Cookinglife, we recommend neutral combinations in white, black and grey but also sets in stylish colours such as blue, yellow, red and green. One of our beautiful tableware sets is the set from the brand Salt & Pepper, which stands out for its marble pattern. This gives your dining table a luxurious touch every day for an affordable price! With a contemporary style and high-quality porcelain for everyday use, check out all of our 18-piece dinner sets in our dinner set category.

18-piece dinner set white

The 18-piece dinner set in simple white is a classic choice. This colour will surely suit everyone's style and is easy to match with any existing tableware, cutlery, or accessories. In our collection, you can find various quality brands that offer an 18-piece dinner set in white. Discover the Villeroy & Boch collections For Me and La Boule, or the timeless Iittala Teema collection. Add a touch of classic luxury to your home with a white plate and bowl set.

18-piece dinner set black

Are you looking for something a little moodier than white tableware? Then look no further! At Cookinglife, items range from the deepest matt black to a glossy black or dark brown. For a low price, you can update your entire table service to match beautifully. Serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a stunning, deep black plate or bowl. The contrast will make any dish stand out! View all our dinner set items in stock today, and choose your new favourite kitchen item! At Cookinglife, we offer a large number of options for affordable prices.

18-piece dinner set blue

In our online store of quality tableware, you can add a great colour like blue to your kitchen. At Cookinglife, you can choose from over 50 options in blue! View dinner sets that range from a light sky to the deepest of blues. Every item in the set will have the same shade unless the product features different patterns and shades on purpose. Find items that are perfect for everyday use or ones that add luxury and can be used on special occasions. What food will you serve from your new blue dinner set? When you order at Cookinglife, you can enjoy delivery for free for orders above €99!

18-piece dinner set no mugs

If you are looking for plates and bowls only in your dinner set, then be sure to check out our dinner set page at Cookinglife. Many of our items include dinner plates, deep plates, side plates, and bowls only. This is great if you already have a great mug set or glassware collection at home. This way, you can pick the dinner set that best fits your existing items without purchasing unnecessary additions. A white dinner set will easily match everything you may already have in your kitchen, for example. Join our many happy customers when ordering a simple, luxurious, or everyday set from Cookinglife.

24-piece dinner set

A 24-piece dinner set is an excellent choice for a bigger household of up to 6 people. Are you a smaller household? Then a 24-piece dinner set is also a great option if you entertain guests often. These sets include dinner plates, deep plates or bowls, side plates, and mugs. Browse our in-stock options available in various colours and pick your favourite new 24-piece dinner set!

Buy dinner sets

Have you found the perfect new tableware for a great price at our online store? Find various lightweight and durable tableware options in our dinner set category. From luxury to everyday items, we have a variety of styles in our range. Discover a collection of affordable and stylish tableware items at Cookinglife. Add your item to the basket quickly and easily. When you order for €99 or more, you can enjoy free delivery to the UK and Ireland.

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