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Cheese Knives

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Cheese Knives

With the cheese knives from Cookinglife, you can cut your cheese at the table. Ideal with your cheese platter or with the bubbly cheeses. There are suitable cheese knives for every cheese. Whether you want to cut a piece of brie or a delicious block of old cheese, cheese knives make it just a bit easier!

Cheese knife

There is a cheese knife for every type of cheese. Which cheese knife you need depends on the kind of cheese. A cheese knife has a unique blade with an arch at the end. Thanks to the arch you can cut cheese better. For cutting soft cheese and brie, it is best to choose a cheese knife with holes. The holes ensure that the cheese does not stick to the blade.

Cheese slicer

For a good and neat slicing of cheese, use a cheese slicer. To prevent the cheese from sticking to the cheese slicer, use a cheese slicer with a short blade. A cheese slicer in combination with a cheese knife is the ideal basis for cutting your cheese.

Are you buying a cheese knife?

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