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Chef's Knives

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Chef's Knives

A chef's knife is the most widely used knife in the kitchen of the professional chef and hobby cook. This all-rounder is great for cutting vegetables, fish and meat. There are several brands offering chef's knives. Are you really often found in the kitchen? Then check out chef's knives from Chinese and Japanese brands such as Kai Shun. These knives are made of hardened Damascus steel and are considered the very best knives from Asia. A damask chef's knife is also many used in the professional kitchen. Chef's knives can also be purchased in a chef's knife set. Handy when you need multiple knives! These sets often contain several knives. Think for example of a chef's knife, filleting knife and santo knife. 

Japanese chef's knife

Japanese chef's knives are known as the best professional knives. There are different types of Japanese knives. Santocum knives are used for cutting products such as vegetables, potatoes and meat. Fillet knives, on the other hand, are used for filleting and cutting fish. Japanese damascus chef's knives are made of hardened damascus steel. Chef's knives made from this steel, if treated properly, can last a lifetime. For this reason, you also find the Japanese chef's knife a lot in the hospitality industry. Damascus knives are razor sharp, rock hard and rust free.

What you can do with a chef's knife

A chef's knife is a universal knife that can do almost anything. Slice your meat, fish and vegetables or chop your herbs. If you properly maintain and sharpen your chef's knife, it will be suitable for all major and minor cutting techniques. Thanks to the wide blade of a chef's knife, you can easily cut through sturdy products. Choose a chef's knife with a sturdy blade, this way you can be sure that you are cutting safely.

What should you pay attention to when buying a chef's knife?

When buying a chef's knife, it is important to look at the length of the blade. Professional chefs often prefer a chef's knife with a longer blade, this allows them to cut faster. Are you a professional chef (not yet)? Then buy a knife with a smaller blade, for example one of 16 cm. This is safer and with this you can learn to cut properly. It is also useful to look at the handle of a chef's knife. Make sure it fits comfortably in your hand, this way you can be sure that the knife will not slip out of your hand so quickly and you can teach yourself a good cutting technique.

What is a good brand of chef's knife?

The best chef's knife you can buy is one that cuts well for you and fits well in your hand. So you have to research this for yourself! There are different brands that all have different qualities. Brands like Diamant Sabatier and Wüsthof are often well known among home cooks. These knives are affordable and provide little resistance while cutting. Looking for knives that can really last your whole life? Then check out the Kai Shun and Global chef's knives. These are also very widely used in professional kitchens!

Buy Chef's knife

Through our website you can easily and quickly buy a cook's knife. Whether you are looking for knives for the home or professional kitchen, our wide range offers it all. Check out the offers! Chef's knives are also great to give away as gifts. Choose a knife set or put together your own set by buying individual knives. 

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