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The Italian brand Bisetti is characterized by its high quality and dates from the 19th century. The brand was founded in 1945 by Giulio Bisetti and consisted mainly of table and kitchen tools. They, therefore, live up to the high-quality standards that Bisetti guarantees, because all products are produced in their Italian factory. This distinguishes the Bisetti brand from many other brands. Would you like to try a new way of cooking or do you like an authentic salt and pepper mill couple? Then you are at the right place at Cookinglife. In our Bisetti range, you have a wide choice of salt stones, with which you can serve and prepare both cold and hot dishes. Also, Cookinglife offers you a wide range of salt and pepper mills from the Bisetti brand.

Bisetti Salt Stones

Preparing and serving with salt stones is an old cooking system that is coming back today. With the salt stones from Bisetti, you uniquely prepare your dish. The salt stones are made from pink salt that is extracted from the Kewra and Pakistani mines. These mines were initially covered by a prehistoric sea, giving the rocks a salty taste. This brings back the old, balanced flavour that modern dishes strive for today. It is therefore not necessary to add extra salt to the plate. The Bisetti salt stones are offered in different sizes and can be ordered in the square, rectangular and round shapes. Check out the collection of salt stones at Cookinglife!

Bisetti salt and pepper mills

Pepper and salt are a perfect addition to flavour almost any dish. When dining, it is therefore very stylish to have a salt and pepper mill on the table. The wooden Bisetti salt and pepper mills have a galvanized coating that protects the mill from oxidation. The mechanism of the salt and pepper mills is also made of hardened steel. The mills are available in different sizes and the colours natural, shabby rust and walnut. In addition to the wooden mills, there are also several electric salt and pepper mills in the Bisetti collection. For our entire range, take a look at the salt and pepper mill assortment of Cookinglife.

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