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Coravin is an American brand founded in 2011. The brand has revolutionized the wine world with the Coravin wine systems. The Coravin wine systems are also known as the Coravin wine pumps. The development of the wine pumps has taken several years but is now ready to conquer the wine market. The brand stands for revolutionary and high-quality products that are a must-have for every wine lover. Coravin is continuously designing new models and colours. With a wide range of countless colours, there is something for everyone!

Coravin Innovative Technology

Coravin's technology is very innovative and consists of noble argon gas and a hollow needle. Both ensure optimal operation while using the wine pump. The gas creates pressure in the bottle. Once pressure is in the wine bottle, the hollow needle ensures that the wine comes out of the bottle. Thanks to the argon gas capsules, no oxygen gets into the wine, so there will be no oxidation! This no-oxygen means that the wine will not turn sour! When you have finished pouring your wine, you can retract the needle and close the cork quickly.

The Coravin wine systems are the perfect solution if you have an extensive wine collection and want to taste something from every wine bottle! Come and be inspired by the different models and the full range of colours!

Coravin Wine System Cleaning

The Coravin wine pumps are easy and quick to clean! Cleaning the wine system only takes a few minutes. This hygiene makes the wine systems also suitable for use in restaurants and hotels. You should thoroughly clean the wine tap after each use to ensure a longer life. You can clean the syringe from the wine tap with warm tap water. After cleaning the wine tap, you must press the trigger to remove the excess water from the hollow needle. Dry the wine system again with a clean dishcloth, and that's it!

Buy Coravin Wine System

You can quickly and easily order a Coravin Wine System at Cookinglife. We are an official partner of Coravin, and that is why you will find a wide range of different models with us. For example, we have the Model One, Model Two, Model Two Elite and the Model Eight in our field. We also have a selection of trendy gift sets that includes everything you need to get started! We also offer various accessories from the Coravin brand. Some accessories are needles, capsules and storage sleeves. The delivery time is shown for each product so that you have an indication when the product is delivered to you. Do you have any questions about one of the wine systems? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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