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In 1933, Italian Alfonso Bialetti got the idea to squeeze hot water through ground coffee under pressure. When he saw the mechanism of the washing machine, which pushed hot water up through the detergent under pressure, he invented an octagonal aluminium pot to make coffee. Bialetti grew into a worldwide known brand and, in addition to coffee pots, also produced cookware and baked goods. Cookinglife has all kinds of Bialetti products in its range!

Bialetti percolator

Make a delicious cup of coffee with a Bialetti percolator. In this known method, warm water is pumped through the coffee from top to bottom. This process is repeated until the coffee has the desired taste. In our webshop, you will find a wide range of percolators in various sizes and designs in all kinds of beautiful colours. For extra convenience, you can also order the electric percolator from us. You will find the perfect Bialetti percolator in our webshop!

Bialetti cafetiere

You can make coffee in a French way with an elegant Bialetti cafeteria. Are you having unexpected guests? Put delicious coffee on the table in no time. A cafeteria is a glass jar with a metal filter into which coarsely ground coffee and hot (just no longer boiling) water are poured. By using a metal filter, the flavours and aromas remain in the coffee. Where the ingredients that naturally occur in coffee can be tasted, buy your Bialetti cafeteria at Cookinglife!

Bialetti pans

In addition to coffee, Bialetti also produces pans with high quality and a professional look. The pots are suitable for all heat sources thanks to the ceramic non-stick coating. Bake the most diverse dishes in these stylish pans. At Cookinglife you will find an extensive collection of Bialetti pans, such as a frying pan and a sauté pan. View our offer online and benefit from competitive prices and fast delivery!

Buy Bialetti

Cookinglife has a wide range of Bialetti store products. With us, you will find percolators, cafeterias, pans and all kinds of kitchen accessories from the Bialetti brand. This professional brand has a product in every five households. Loved for their innovative designs and elegant appearance, it is undoubtedly an asset in your kitchen. With Bialetti, you can enjoy a delicious authentic Italian brewed coffee every day. Cookinglife is the Bialetti store with an extensive range!

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