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Viva Scandinavia

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Viva Scandinavia

High-quality Danish brand specializing in Scandinavian design in its purest form. With love for design, based on honesty, simplicity and functionality, they design products that make everyday life easier and more beautiful. Viva Scandinavia sticks to a traditional Norse design principle, high-quality glass, cork, silicone and porcelain are used to create elegant products for the coffee and tea enthusiasts.

Viva Scandinavia paper cup

The Papercup collection by Viva Scandinavia is characterized in that the cups resemble disposable paper cups, but these cups are made of high-quality porcelain and reusable. The brand chose this material because porcelain is a natural material that has a low impact on the environment and therefore lasts for years and years. Partly because of this, the paper cup prevents unnecessary wastage of paper cups are immediately more environmentally friendly.

Viva Scandinavia tea

At Viva Scandinavia, they believe in the power of tea to improve the lives of friends, family and customers. Drinking tea has been a tradition for years, it calms the mind, stimulates the body and above all brings people together. A cup of tea makes everything better. For this reason, Viva Scandinavia has released an extensive collection of tea items to make drinking tea even more fun. You can choose from a vast array of teapots, teacups and tea glasses.

Viva Scandinavia coffee

Besides tea, coffee is the most popular drink at Viva Scandinavia. Drinking coffee has been a tradition for years; it keeps you sharp and focused and brings people together, just like tea. Nothing beats a good cup of coffee. Within the coffee range of Viva Scandinavia, you will find beautiful coffee cups and espresso cups with elegant design and made of high-quality porcelain.

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