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Victorinox is the supplier of Swiss pocket knives. Until 2005, competitor Wenger also supplied Swiss pocket knives in addition to Victorinox, but Victorinox took over this company in 2005. Victorinox is now the only supplier in the Swiss pocket knife market. The Wenger brand will continue to exist but is now part of Victorinox.

Victorinox has been supplying Swiss army knives to the Swiss army since 1891. Victorinox was founded in 1984. The logo (a cross in a shield) has been around since 1909. The logo was created when the mother of founder Karl Elsener died. In addition to the logo, the company was then given the name 'Victoria' This was later changed to Victorinox. Victorinox is a combination of Victoria and Inox (Inox comes from acier inoxydable, the French word for stainless steel).

In recent years, besides Swiss pocket knives, Victorinox has also been producing watches, cutlery, luggage and even traditional costumes!

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