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Steak Knives

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Steak Knives

A good piece of meat should be cut with a good knife. That is why there are special steak knives. These steak knives are made so that meat can be easily cut without having to exert a lot of pressure while cutting. This way, you ensure a perfectly cut piece of meat.

Steak knives smooth and serrated

Steak knives come in two different types, with a serrated and a smooth blade. Steak knives with a soft blade cut better through the meat, without pulling the fibre loose. These steak knives are more accessible to sharpen than steak knives with a serrated.

Serrated steak knives stay sharp longer, so they can last a long time before the knives need sharpening. Perfect for the hospitality industry. Make sure that the serrated steak knives keep cutting well. Over time, the blade will start to saw or tear. This does not benefit the meat.

Using steak knives

A steak knife should be a decorative piece on the table. The handles of steak knives are often made of stylish materials. You can think of horn or different types of wood. A real eye-catcher for on the table.

When you are served a delicious piece of meat in the catering industry, you increasingly see that this is done on a wooden serving board. In addition to the fresh look, this also has advantages for the steak knives. The knives will last longer than if you will use them on porcelain or stoneware.

Laguiole steak knives at Cookinglife

Good quality knives are required for the best meat. At Cookinglife you will find a wide range of Laguiole steak knives in addition to the many brands. These Laguiole knives are characterized by the elegant handle and the logo of a bee. View all our Laguiole knives or in particular our Jay Hill Laguiole collection for a complete range.

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