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Dressing a table is no ordinary task. With Sambonet you have a beautifully set table in no time. The Italian brand finds the choice and care of objects very important and spends a lot of time perfecting their products. Each Sambonet product is a unique work of art based on history, craftsmanship and originality.

Sambonet Cutlery

Art is timeless and so is Sambonet Cutlery. The perfect finish and the refined material ensure a unique design. Varying from modern, vintage or anything in between. Italian excellence, combined with good taste and an eye for beauty, is the winning combination that makes this Italian brand a must-have.The traditional Sambonet silver Cutlery is made of stainless steel. The coloured cutlery has an extra PVD coating. Another addition to their range is Sambonet silver-plated cutlery. A layer of silver has been applied to this cutlery. The silver-plated cutlery from Sambonet gives your table a nice rich look.

Sambonet Collections

In addition to the special colours, the Sambonet cutlery sets are also available from different collections. And do you choose a 24, 30 or 60-piece cutlery set? Sambonet Taste is the most comprehensive series. Complement your traditional Taste cutlery set with the various Sambonet cake forks and Sambonet coffee spoons. The unique oval design of Sambonet Bamboo makes your table really special. Do you want to see all collections? View all Sambonet collections at Cookinglife!

Sambonet Knives

Attractive designs, excellent performance and easy maintenance make Sambonet Knives amust-have. For your daily dinner, dinner with friends or in a luxury restaurant. Because why only enjoy a good piece of meat in a restaurant or steakhouse if you can do it at home? You can find the perfect knife in the knives collection from Sambonet. Matching serving tongs and meat forks complete the collection.

Sambonet Pans

Bring the 1960s into your home with the 1965 vintage pan set. Or combine cool with modern with the Sambonet Rock ‘n’ Rose black and pink pans. Black for the kitchen princes and pink for the kitchen princesses among us. The handle gives a nice wood look while retaining the properties of a steel handle.

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