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Sweet, savoury or both: in the Romertopf baking dishes you prepare your favourite dishes at their best! When roasting, baking and stewing, taste, smell and vitamins are maximally preserved for a tasty meal. Bake an apple cake in the oven, braise meat on the barbecue or put it in the 'Brick'! The products made of earthenware are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe!

Romertopf Oven dishes

Prepare meat, fish, vegetables and much more without adding fat in the Romertopf oven dishes. The baking dishes 'Rustico' is made of pottery and has a simple design. The inside is glazed, making the bowl easy to clean and microwave safe. When roasting and stewing, the taste, smell and vitamins are maximally preserved for a tasty meal. & Nbsp; Still need recipe ideas? You will receive a recipe booklet with your purchase.

Romertopf Storage jars

Keep your vegetables fresh longer? Store from 200 grams to 3 kg of vegetables in the storage jars of Romertopf. The storage jars are made of pure, natural clay, and the inside is glazed for easy cleaning. The holes at the bottom of the pot provide air circulation to prevent mould.

Romertopf Brick

The baking dish 'Brick' from Romertopf represents a new way of enjoying. In the 'Brick' vegetables, fish, baby potatoes, meat and even pieces of fruit can be prepared healthily. Taste, vitamins and nutrients are preserved as much as possible; the addition of fat is not necessary. Because the baking dish is made of a unique clay type, it is fireproof and resistant to temperature shocks. This allows you to use the 'Brick' not only apply in the oven, microwave and grill but also on the barbecue and even in a campfire. Perfect for the kitchen, but even more fun during a garden party or other fun event! Also, each fills his oven dish with his or her favourite ingredients, and you can enjoy your favourite recipes together. And thanks to the perfect heat distribution, the contents cook evenly. All of the baking dishes, designed by Optimus Romertopf and made in Germany.

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