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Review Conditions Cookinglife.eu

Why do customers write reviews about products?

Reviews let future customers know how you experienced the same product. 

It is important for us that the reviews placed on Cookinglife.eu are relevant, helpful, and reliable. When you place a review on our website, you agree to a number of conditions. We will discuss the conditions below:

The following points are not allowed in a review:

  • The product has not been purchased on Cookinglife.eu
  • Statements that have nothing to do with your experience about the product
  • Your review is only about the price, shipping, and/or selling party
  • Incorrect language (swear words, coarse language, discriminating, insulting, or hateful language)
  • References to other websites
  • Comparisons in the area of discounts, commercial actions, campaigns, or price differences with other webshops or physical shops.
  • You do not mention you received the article (temporarily) to write a review about it
  • You do not mention that you received a fee for writing your review

Removal of reviews

We of Cookinglife.eu can remove reviews without informing the customer. This is done before the written review is visible online. This applies for the following cases:

  • If one or more of the above-mentioned conditions occur in the review, or if Cookinglife.eu has a suspicion of this. 
  • If the review is about product information, which was wrong at the time, but is now neatly adjusted. To prevent confusion, this review can be removed.
  • When the automatic check shows an abnormal pattern, and we therefore have reason to believe that the review is false. A review that is not positive about a product, but meets all the conditions, is never a reason to reject or remove it. If the review meets certain conditions, it will be shown on the website. 

Collecting and displaying reviews

From 22/12/2022 customers can write a review about a product they bought at Cookinglife.eu. It is important that the review is relevant, helpful, and reliable for us, but also for customers. 

A new review is not directly visible for all to see. The content and origin of the review is first checked automatically or manually. We do this ourselves or have it done by an external party. Normally the new reviews are online within one day and the reviews are forever on Cookinglife.eu. 

On Cookinglife.eu it is not possible as a customer to change or remove a review. Do you want to do this? Please contact our customer service team at info@cookinglife.eu. 


Cookinglife.eu can adjust these terms at any time. The new terms will be published here as soon as possible.

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