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Polarbox Coolbox

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Polarbox Coolbox

Do you want to enjoy deliciously chilled drinks and other snacks all day long? Then the Polarbox is for you! You can get this cooler in different summer colors. This makes the Polarbox just a little more fun than other coolers. The Polarbox is ideal for picnics, camping trips, beach days, sporting events and other situations where you want to enjoy chilled treats.

What is the Polarbox?

The Polarbox is a stylish cooler perfect for carrying your favorite chilled drinks. This non-electric cooler works with cooling elements that freeze and then keep the contents cold thanks to the cooler's excellent insulation. Equipped with sturdy handles, the Polarbox is easy to transport to the beach, a picnic, or during a camping trip. This quality cooler is not only lightweight, but also available in a variety of pastel colors, from pink to yellow. Its unique design sets the Polarbox apart from standard coolers, making it an attractive choice for those who want to combine functionality with style.


How big is the Polarbox?

The Polarbox is available in a variety of sizes and capacities, specifically options of 12 liters and 20 liters. This gives you the freedom to select the size that best suits your specific needs and the amount of food and beverages you wish to refrigerate. The 12 liter version is perfect for small outings or a short picnic, while the 20 liter version is ideal for larger groups or longer trips where more provisions are required. So depending on your usage situation, you can choose the most suitable size of Polarbox.

What do you put in a Polarbox?

The main purpose of a Polarbox is to keep the temperature inside cool so that perishable food can be kept safe. You can store different types of food and beverages in a Polarbox to keep them cool and fresh. Below are some of the things you can do in a Polarbox.

  • Drinks: Place bottles of water, soft drinks, fruit juices, beer or other beverages in the Polarbox cooler to keep them cool, especially on hot days.
  • Snacks and sandwiches: Store fresh fruits, sliced vegetables, cheese, cold cuts and sandwiches in the Polarbox to keep them fresh and tasty during an outing or picnic.
  • Salads: If you have made salads such as pasta salads, green salads or potato salads, you can place them in sealed containers in the Polarbox cooler to keep them fresh and crisp.
  • Dairy products: Store dairy products such as yogurt, cottage cheese and milk in the Polarbox to prevent them from spoiling in hot weather.
  • Perishable foods: If you have perishable foods such as meat, chicken or fish, you can place them in a tightly sealed container in the Polarbox cooler to keep them at a safe temperature.

How long does the Polarbox stay cold?

How long the Polarbox stays cold depends on several factors, including the outside temperature, the amount of ice or cooling elements you use, and how you prepared the Polarbox. In general, you can expect a well-insulated Polarbox to keep food and drinks cool for about 8 to 12 hours. This may vary depending on environmental conditions, which are listed below.

  • Use cooling elements or ice: Place cooling elements or ice in the Polarbox to lower the temperature. The more cooling elements or ice you use, the longer the Polarbox will stay cold. Make sure the cooling elements or ice are well distributed and cover the food and drinks.
  • Pre-cooling: If possible, you can pre-cool the Polarbox by placing it in the refrigerator for some time before filling it. This helps keep the temperature inside the Polarbox cooler for longer.
  • Seal properly: Make sure the Polarbox is properly sealed to keep warm air out and cold air in. Periodically check that the lid is closed properly to prevent leakage of cold air.


Can the Polarbox withstand rain?

The Polarbox is specifically designed to withstand splashing water and offers some degree of rain resistance. While this cooler can provide some protection from light rain or splashes, it is not completely waterproof. In heavy rain or prolonged exposure to water, moisture may penetrate, especially through the openings or lid closure. It is therefore advisable not to expose the Polarbox directly to rain and, where possible, to place it under a shelter or cover it with a waterproof cover.

How do you clean a Polarbox?

After a long day on the road with the Polarbox, it's also time to clean it again. It can of course happen that drinks spill in or on the cooler, then it is all the more necessary to clean it. It is therefore important to clean it well, so that no food or other residue remains in it. This can cause mold, for example, and of course you don't want that. Below is a short guide on how to clean a Polarbox.

  • Remove all food, beverages and any cooling elements from the Polarbox. Fill a bucket with warm water and add a mild detergent. Mix the water and detergent well to create lather.
  • Use a soft sponge or cloth to thoroughly clean the inside of the Polarbox. Make sure no soapy taste or smell is left behind.
  • Let the Polarbox dry thoroughly before using it again. You can dry the inside with a clean cloth, but it is also important to leave the Polarbox open to allow air to circulate and any remaining moisture to evaporate.
  • Last up is the outside of the Polarbox. Use a damp cloth and mild detergent to wipe down the outside of the Polarbox.

What colors does the Polarbox come in?

The Polarbox comes in several pastel colors. One popular popular color is the pink Polarbox, also known as the nude Polarbox. This soft color is the favorite of many. In addition, the mint Polarbox, or pastel green Polarbox, is also the perfect color for a day out. These are definitely beautiful colors to walk with in the summer or have next to you at the beach. In addition to this, there is also a light blue Polarbox, purple Polarbox and the yellow Polarbox. They are all summer colors and the model is also stylish. As a result, you no longer walk around with a boring cooler and steal the show with the Polarbox cooler.


What material is the Polarbox made of?

The Polarbox cooler is made of high-quality plastic. This material is very suitable for the manufacture of cooling boxes thanks to several advantages. One of the most significant advantages is the robustness of plastic, which makes the Polarbox very durable. It can easily endure harsh conditions during transportation and use, ensuring a long service life even with frequent use. In addition, plastic has natural insulating qualities that contribute to excellent indoor temperature retention. Another plus is that the Polarbox is lightweight, making it easier to carry and move. This makes the cooler ideal for outdoor use such as camping, hiking or for a day out.

Want to buy the Polarbox?

Are you convinced to buy this cool Polarbox? Then walk around in style this summer with delicious cooled drinks! With a choice of 5 different colors, your favorite is definitely among them. Simply order online at Cookinglife and we will take care of a quick delivery at your home. So you can use it as soon as possible. Do you still want to look around? Then look at all cool boxes. Want more to take with you on the go? Then take a look at the following categories: food carrier, picnic, lunch box, granola cup, fruit box, water bottle or camping utensils. Make the day away as easy as possible!

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