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Nachtmann is a brand that has been producing high-quality glassware since 1834. To date, the glassware is still produced in Germany. Nachtmann has different products divided into different series made of crystal glass or lead crystal. Lead crystal is more transparent and purer glass and therefore gives more brilliance when light falls in it. Nachtmann also has several decanters and decanters. The series has its style of spoon glass.

Nachtmann Glass

Nachtmann has many glass collections, including Noblesse, Royal, Vivendi and Highlands, with an extensive selection of whiskey glasses, red and white wine glasses and drinking glasses for water. Nachtmann Noblesse stands for pure luxury. Beautifully cut glassware with diamond pattern is the hallmark of this beautiful line, made of the best crystal glass. The glasses of the royal series are also made of the best crystal glass and have their unique style through the cut glass.

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The Nachtmann Highland series consists of whiskey glasses. The Highland series is characterized by a characteristic pattern on the outside of the glassware. The beautiful thing about this series is that the glasses all have a different design. Also, the series consists of tall drink glasses that can be used for soft drinks, cocktails and as a water glass.

Nachtmann Glasses

Nachtmann offers a large variety of glasses. The Nachtmann wine glasses consist of red wine and champagne glasses. These are specially made using a high-quality lead crystal. The processed lead crystal has its style and an elegant appearance. By combining the wine glass and the champagne glass, you already have a perfectly stylish gift. Nachtmann also offers bowls made of lead crystal. This is the Nachtmann Vivendi collection.

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