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LIND DNA's products are born out of a passion for beautiful, subtle and irrefutable craftsmanship. Local and sustainable production are among the values ​​of the Danish company. LIND DNA offers placemats and coasters with an elegant Scandinavian design. These placemats and coasters give a luxurious look to your table and surroundings.

LIND DNA was founded in 2013 by Preben Lind and is slowly taken over by his two daughters Mie and Bine Lind. The basis of most designs is high-quality recycled leather. LIND DNA products are water-repellent, durable and easy to clean. With us, you will find a wide range of placemats and coasters of LIND DNA.

LIND DNA Placemats

LIND DNA offers a wide range of placemats in different colours, structures and shapes. The LIND DNA placemats can be presented on your table in a classic, bold and refined way. The LIND DNA placemats are suitable for any occasion.

LIND DNA Coasters

There are many coasters in the full range of LIND DNA. These LIND DNA coasters come in many different colours, as well as textures. For example, the LIND DNA structures are available in organic, animal and classic variants. There is also a difference in the shapes of the LIND DNA coasters. Round, square & even curved coasters can be found in the extensive collection of coasters of the brand LIND DNA.

LIND DNA Structures

The different LIND DNA structures add a lot to the experience on your table. The LIND DNA structures are available in different colours. In our range of LIND DNA, we offer the following five separate structures: Hippo, Nupo, Croco, Buffalo and Bull.

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