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Make it cosy in the garden or on your balcony with our collection of lanterns. Lanterns are a more extensive and stylish variant of the tea light. These do not blow out. They give that extra bit of atmosphere to your garden, balcony or living room. Are you going for urban, romantic or modern? Wood, metal or glass all give a different look and feel. Wind lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lantern glass

Lanterns come in all sorts of sizes, colours and materials. Are you going for a more robust look with metal and glass? Do you put them on the table, on the floor, one large or several together? Create a playful effect with different sizes! Glass lanterns are not only suitable for holding candles, plants gorgeous in glass lanterns. The lights have a handle, so you can hang them nicely and can quickly move from the inside to the outside, or vice versa.

Large Pillar Candles

As soon as the sun sets and it gets darker, the candles are lit. And not one candle, not two, but preferably as many as possible. This way, you quickly create a cosy and warm atmosphere. You can easily put more than one candle in the large Lanterns. Play with different heights and different colours.

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