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With the products of FoodSaver, the words: "have a limited shelf life after opening" are long forgotten! The FoodSaver vacuum sealers ensure that your food stays fresh and delicious up to 5 times longer, saving you money. By sealing your food with the FoodSaver systems, 97% of all oxygen is extracted, so that bacteria, fungi and air have no chance to get to the food.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers

FoodSaver has several vacuum sealers with all kinds of useful functions in its range. This way, you can easily vacuum automatically with one push of a button, but you can also set everything completely manually. In addition to vacuuming, most FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers have a wet/dry function that allows you to vacuum not only solid food but also your favourite pasta sauce. Some devices also have a pulse function, which allows you to quickly and easily marinate meat, fish and vegetables within 20 minutes. Also ideal is the integrated roll inlay and cutting mechanism. With this, you always have your foil to hand made to measure.

FoodSaver Bags

In addition to the wide choice of vacuum packing machines, Cookinglife also has a wide range of accompanying FoodSaver Accessories. Think of different sizes of vacuum bags and packing rolls, but also vacuum fresh food containers. These accessories are suitable for all FoodSaver vacuum sealers.

FoodSaver Fresh

Several FoodSaver products are part of the Fresh collection. Among the accessories, you will find the Fresh resealable vacuum bags and various fresh food containers. These accessories work with the Fresh adapter or with the FoodSaver fresh automatic sealer, which is specially designed for the Fresh accessories. The Fresh products work very simply by placing the adapter on the valve of the bag or box.

Please note: The Fresh accessories can only be combined with FoodSaver vacuum sealers with a Fresh Adapter.

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