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Diamant Sabatier

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Diamant Sabatier

Diamant Sabatier is a well-known player in the world of knives. Ask the chefs what their first chef's knife was, and a large part will call the brand Diamant Sabatier. Often chefs still use knives from this brand because of the lifelong quality for which the brand is known.

Diamant Sabatier has existed for more than 40 years with a wide range of knives for passionate chefs & hobby chefs. Popular series such as the Integra and Riyouri lines fulfil a complete range from chef's knives to touring blades. In addition to all knives, Diamant Sabatier also offers several related articles, such as cutting boards, oyster knives and other kitchen tools.

Diamant Sabatier Origin

The Diamant Sabatier brand has its origins in the town of Thiers, in the French region of Auvergne. The name Sabatier comes from this French place, better known as the knife city of France. Sabatier knives have existed for more than 500 years. The original Sabatier knife, as it is now known, was created in the early 19th century. From here, Diamant Sabatier went on to develop several collections.

Diamant Sabatier Quality

The quality requirements of the Diamant Sabatier knives are of paramount importance to the company. The blades use X45CrMoV15 steel, making the knives rust-resistant and easy to sharpen. However, there is one exception, the Diamant Sabatier Forge series. The knives from this series use X50CrMoV15 steel. This steel means that the carbon solids content is higher than in the other set. It makes the blades very suitable for use in the catering industry.

Do you want to know more about the steel that Diamant Sabatier uses? On our information page, you will find a detailed explanation of the types of knife steel that we offer at Cookinglife. Doro the high quality rests on all series of Diamant Sabatier a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on material and manufacturing defects. Quality knives for life!

Diamant Sabatier Integra

One of the most famous series within Diamant Sabatier is the Diamant Sabatier Integra. This classic knife series has a complete range with which you can perform all cutting tasks. The unique thing about this series is that the knives do not have a continuous crop. You can sharpen the blades with the corresponding sharpening steel in their entire length. In addition to the range of loose knives, we also offer inexpensive knife sets and knife blocks in the Diamant Sabatier Integra collection.

Diamant Sabatier Riyouri

Like the Integra line, the Riyouri series is a well-known name in the Diamant Sabatier range. What makes the Diamant Sabatier Riyouri series so unique is the handle. The handles use a distinctive dimple profile. These dimples give the knives a perfect hand position and ensure an anti-slip structure. Hygiene is also very high on the Riyouri line. Because the knives use one piece of steel, they have a seamless finish. Unlike other Diamant Sabatier series, the blades have a sharpened angle of 20-22 degrees.

Diamant Sabatier Babiole

A striking series by Diamant Sabatier is the Babiole line. This less extensive series comes with wooden handles. The Acacia wooden handles function as a real eye-catcher on your countertop. Also, they take a very pleasant grip. The Diamant Sabatier Babiole series consists of 6 different knives to perform any cutting task in the kitchen. Also available in a classic wooden knife block!

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