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Give your home a warm atmosphere with the scented candle collection from Countryfield. This brand offers a wide variety of scented candles and fragrance sticks that not only welcome a wonderful aroma in your home but also makes it cosy. At Cookinglife, you will find the most popular scented candles from Countryfield, such as the famous "Ambiance Collection". This collection consists of a seven scented series, each with its own unique properties. Due to the wide range of fragrances, you will surely find one that will match your preference.

Countryfield Candle

The candles from Countryfield come in three different size: small, medium, and large. In the table below, you will find an overview of the different sizes and burn hours:

  • Small: diameter of 7 cm, height of 8 cm, ± 24 burn hours
    • One wick
  • Medium: diameter of 9 cm, height of 10 cm, ± 34 burn hours
    • One wick
  • Large: diameter of 10 cm, height of 12 cm, ± 48 burn hours
    • Two wicks

Countryfield candles are packaged in a beautifully wrapped box, making them a perfect idea for a gift. 

How to use a Countryfield candle

Would you like to enjoy your Countryfield candle for as long as possible? Then take a look at our tips below in order to maximize your candle's lifespan.

  • When you use your candle, make sure to let it burn for 3 to 4 hours. This ensures an even burn and allows enough time for the wax to pool. Would you like to burn your candle for a shorter period of time? Then mind the risk that your Countryfield candle could then tunnel. This means that the wax melts unevenly, shortening its lifespan. 
  • Never leave your Countryfield candle unattended, and ensure that it is placed on a heat-resistant surface. Would you like to clean the candle and/or cut the wick? Wait until it is completely cooled down. 

Countryfield Ambiance Collection

Get to know the Countryfield Ambiance Collection, a collection composed out of passion for the senses. This beautiful collection of candles consists of seven different scents, delivered in three different size scented candles, and two atmospheric fragrance sticks. The candles from the Countryfield Ambiance Collection are made of soy beans, a natural, organic, renewable source. Soy wax candles offer more benefits than the traditional paraffin wax candles. They burn 30 to 45% longer, produce hardly any waste, and have a faster and longer smell spread. There are plenty of reasons to choose a new candle from the Countryfield Ambiance Collection. 

View the table below to see a description of every scent from the Countryfield Ambiance Collection. Let us inspired you!

  • Urban: roasted coffee beans, chocolate, hazelnut, myrtle, sweet in combination with bergamot, butty, woody, leather, and cedar tones
  • Golden delight: roses, jasmine, cloves, cinnamon, almond, tonka bean, pear, vanilla, and a hint of vanilla
  • Adventure: sandalwood, amber, orange blossom, lilies, ylang-ylang, bergamot, white flowers, and a hint of vanilla
  • Elegance: Indian patchouli, amber, wood, leather, cinnamon, rose, blood orange, mint, grapefruit, and spices
  • Optimism: milky notes, peach, jasmine, tuberose, bergamot, white tea, lotus flower, and a hint of musk
  • Romance: vanilla, tonka bean, patchouli, orange blossom, jasmine, iris, pear, black berries, powdery, fruity gourmand, and floral notes
  • Spa: cedar wood, jasmine, cardemom, ginger, mint, bergamot, mandarine, and orange

Buy Countryfield Ambiance Collection

You can buy Countryfield Ambiance Collection candles easily and quickly at Cookinglife. After your purchase we provide a quick delivery. Did you know we also offer other top brands in scented candles? Take a look at the scented candles of WoodWick, Vellutier or Yankee Candle. Would you rather have a home fragrance than a scented candle from the Countryfield Ambiance Collection? You will also find that in the wide range of Cookinglife. Check out the aroma diffusers with matching fragrances of Maison Berger.

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