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Ashleigh and Burwood

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Ashleigh and Burwood

Since 1993, father and son duo, John and Andrew Nettleton, have shared a passion for fragrance. Together they started an English boutique dedicated to fragrance, air purity, quality, and creativity. The production of the fragrances began at their kitchen table, with the whole family helping out. However, they still needed a name for their little boutique. With the idea that they would like to honour their English heritage, they decided to name their venture after the estate of their parents' home: Ashleigh & Burwood. These estates reminded them of their happy childhood. The current headquarters is still located near these estates. 

Ashleigh and Burwood Lamp

Meanwhile, the duo left the kitchen table and went on to become on one of the largest suppliers of fine fragrances in the UK. They have done well over the years, and now they create premium quality fragrances that also improve the quality of the air. Fragrance lamps are the most popular products from Ashleigh & Burwood. These products not only spread a delightful scent throughout your home, but are also effective at reducing household air pollutants, including bacteria, mould spores, and dust mites. 


Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Oil

The fragrance oil from Ashleigh & Burwood are easy to change. There are more collections and many scents; something for everybody. The fragrance oils are placed into the burner by means of a funnel. It is possible to combine oils to create a unique scent. The scents vary from light to heavy, and have a range of approximately 16m2. 

Ashleigh & Burwood User Manual

Ensure that the oil burner is always on an even, flat surface. Then remove the cap and stone/wick. Now you can fill the lamp two-thirds with the fragrance oil of your choice. The wick can be placed back on the bottle and let it soak for 30 to 40 minutes. Then you light the wick for two minutes; longer is not really necessary! Extinguish the flame, place the decorative cap on the lamp, and let the lamp spread its scent. You can see that the lamp is working because the stone has started to glow. After 40 minutes, you can extinguish the stone. You do this by removing the decorative cap, but beware, it is very hot! Replace the decorative cap with the other cap, the lamp will then get more oxygen and extinguish itself. 

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