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Potato Masher

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Potato Masher

With a potato masher, you can easily and quickly make fresh mashed potatoes as the basis for various stews. At Cookinglife you have a wide choice of plastic, stainless steel or a combination of different materials. The size and design of the handle differ per potato masher. It is just what you find practical and ergonomic to work.

Potato masher

If you like to prepare meals with fresh ingredients, make your own mashed potatoes. With a potato masher, you can easily smash your potato into a puree. Then mix it with the cooked kale, carrots or endive. This way you can conjure up your delicious fresh stew on the table in no time! There are many different ways to prepare potatoes in the most delicious ways. Therefore, with your new potato masher, you can easily order a handy chips cutter! Other vegetable cutters are also available in the extensive Cookinglife range.

Using a potato masher

Using a potato masher is very easy. First of all, choose floury potatoes for the stew. These are potatoes with a brittle structure that are easy to mash. After these potatoes have been cooked and drained according to packaging, add the boiled vegetables. Then you mash the potatoes and vegetables together with the potato masher. In this way, you can quickly prepare the basis for a tasty stew.

Ergonomic potato masher

Mashing potatoes can take quite a bit of force. With an ergonomic potato masher, you will have considerably less trouble with this. Our Oxo potato masher has a handle of an elastic-plastic that absorbs the pressure, making tamping a lot easier. Do you prefer a different type of handle? At Cookinglife you will easily find the ergonomic potato masher that you work best with!

Buy potato masher

At Cookinglife you will find a wide range of potato masher. With our potato masher or puree press, you create the basis for the tastiest stews as well as potato or vegetable purees for various recipes. Buy from our online cooking shop and take advantage of our competitive prices!

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