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Pizza Stone

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Pizza Stone

Love crispy wood oven pizzas? You can now easily make these yourself with a pizza stone from Cookinglife! The stone absorbs moisture from the dough, giving your pizza a deliciously crispy base. Serve your pizzas after baking on our stylish pizza plates, and your dinner is guaranteed to be a success! You will find plates, pizza stone and many other types of kitchen utensils and tableware in our extensive range.

Pizza stone oven

We recommend that you put the pizza stone in the oven before turning it on. This allows the stone to heat up at the same time as the oven. If you put the stone in only after preheating, the pizza stone can break due to the rapid transition in temperature. Give the stone time to warm up properly. Therefore, after preheating, leave the pizza stone in the oven and only put the pizza on it after 15 minutes. This way, you will achieve the very best result.

Pizza stone with holder

Do you want to put your pizza on the table easily? This is possible with a pizza stone with a holder! The handy handles make it easy to remove this stone from the oven. To avoid sore hands, you can use our pleasant oven mitts. A pizza stone with holder is incredibly stylish and very practical. First, the pizza stays warm longer because it lies on the stone. Also, you can cut the pizza at the table and distribute it directly to your guests. Then all you have to do is do one thing: enjoy your deliciously crispy pizza!

Cleaning pizza stone

You can easily clean your pizza stone. You can easily scratch or brush off food scraps. Do this only after the stone has cooled down. It is wise not to clean the stone with water. The pizza stone absorbs this water so that it breaks more easily when used again. If you are going to clean your pizza stone, it may have discolouration or stains on it. This often occurs, especially with frequent use, and is quite normal. The discolourations do not influence the taste of your pizza so that you can make the most delicious pizzas again next time!

Buy pizza stone

Cookinglife is the shop for all your utensils and crockery. You can buy your pizza stone online at an affordable price. Would you like to bake several pizzas at the same time, but this does not fit in your oven? Then we also have handy pizza plates with several layers for you. You can not only order our products online but also buy them in our store in Groningen. You are very welcome here to view our range and buy your pizza stone.

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