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How to return fragile items

If you aren't entirely happy with your item, then you can of course send it back to us. Returning fragile items, such as dinnerware, requires a bit more care, however. To safely send an item back, read the following instructions carefully, so that we receive everything in full working order. The sender is responsible for ensuring that fragile products are delivered back to us safely. If we receive your return and it is either damaged or broken, then we unfortunately cannot process it.

For sending fragile items, the following terms apply:

  • The items are not damaged
  • The buyer is liable for the costs and risk of returning fragile products
  • In the event that the return conditions are not fulfilled, we retain the right to send orders back and charge you for the delivery costs

Tips for packing and sending

Are you returning something breakable? Below you can find some useful tips explaining how you can best do this:

  • Use the original box
  • Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap







  • Make sure that the contents are not touching. Loose items, like plates, should have a protective layer in between them.








  • Use the right kind of padding. Fill the empty spaces in the box completely with something like newspaper.








  • Seal the box well with tape.
  • Write 'fragile' on the box

As soon as we have your return, you’ll receive a notification by email. Have you already sent your parcel but haven’t yet heard anything from us? Then take a look here to see if your question has already been answered.

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