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Gero has been a household name in Dutch households for more than 100 years. The ideal cutlery, made from Zilmeta; a piece of jewellery for the table. Classic, modern or trendy cutlery? There is enough choice for every budget. Gero makes cutlery sets with the essential parts such as a table knife, table fork and tablespoon. Also, there is extensive cutlery sets up to 100 pieces! Discover your taste with Gero!

The Gero cutlery sets are made of 18/0 Silver white stainless steel, also called Zilmeta. This means that the cutlery set consists of 18% chrome and 0% nickel. This ensures high corrosion resistance. The cutlery is resistant to food acids, so the cutlery stays beautiful longer. The Gero cutlery fits nicely in hand because of the beautiful design. There are several styles to buy, each with a beautiful, timeless design. Eat tastily!

Gero Pans

Whether you cook on gas, induction or a ceramic hob, the Gero pans are suitable for any heat source. The Gero pan sets contain the essential utensils that you use almost daily. The pans have impact-resistant lids and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Everything for the excellent preparation of your favourite dishes!

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