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Wok Pans / Wokarang

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Wok Pans / Wokarang

When purchasing a wok pan from Cookinglife, you can be sure that the heat is properly conducted. A big advantage of cooking with a wok pan is that you can prepare practically anything in it. Think of: meat, vegetables or sauce. We offer you a wide range of products that support you in the kitchen. If you want to order a wok pan, pay close attention to the heat source you want to use. Not every pan is suitable for every heat source. Discover your ideal pan at Cookinglife!

Wok pan induction

The advantage of Cookinglife's wok pans is that they are very versatile. It is therefore easy to find a wok pan for induction with which you can cook not only healthy but also environmentally friendly. Because you do not use gas or fire, it is also a very safe way of cooking. If you want to purchase a wok pan for induction, you can opt for a flat bottom. This is advised because a round bottom is not safe on a flat hob. Discover the wide range online now!

Wok pan with lid

Why do we recommend a wok with a lid? An advantage is that the food you are preparing can be stewed more easily, and the heat is better retained in the pan. The lid can get hot, so using oven mitts or pot holders is recommended, and it is best to clean the pan by hand. With a wok pan with lid from our collection, you can prepare delicious dishes!

Tefal wok pan

One pan from the Cookinglife range that clearly distinguishes itself is the Tefal wok pan. This is suitable for all heat sources. With this pan, you can stir-fry a variety of delicious dishes and easily put them on the table. The advantage of this way of cooking is that you don't have to use a lot of butter or oil, so it is healthier than other methods of preparation. That's a bonus, now choose a Tefal wok that suits you!

BK wok pan

A star among the BK pans at Cookinglife has to be the BK wok pan. We offer you different types, such as a non-stick version. Also, the wokarang has the advantage that it heats up faster and distributes heat thanks to the aluminium. These wok pans are one of the few that can go in the dishwasher. They heat up very quickly, and all vitamins are retained during cooking so that you can optimally enjoy the finished result. Our BK wok pan is of high quality and is also widely used in the catering industry. Get inspired in our webshop!

Buy wok pan

Are you planning to buy a wok or skillet? Then you are at the right place at Cookinglife! The high quality of our pans makes you feel like a chef, and putting a healthy meal on the table is very easy. We offer many different pans, so there is always one for you. So are you going to buy a wok pan to complete your kitchen? Start comparing in our webshop!