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Bring the flavours of Morocco to your kitchen with a tagine! The Moroccan tagine not only looks beautiful on your stovetop, but it also takes your guests on a culinary journey. Read on to discover why a tagine is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With a tagine, you can explore new, delicious recipes you have not been able to make at home before. Are you a lover of North African dishes? Or would you like to know how to make them? A tagine is the perfect way to start!

Tagine pot

Whether you’re making meat, fish or vegetable stew, a tagine is the perfect stew pot. Although the tagine is native to North Africa, it is also perfect for preparing stews from all over the world - not just Moroccan food. Some less experienced chefs can sometimes be hesitant to try using a tagine, however, it is actually incredibly simple to use. So keep reading to get inspired by the endless culinary possibilities of a Moroccan tagine!

What is a tagine?

A tagine is made up of a base dish and a conical lid. In some cases, the tagine lid is spherical. Whether spherical or conical, a tagine lid is essential when cooking with a tagine. Stewing produces steam, which condenses on the stoneware lid of the tagine and then drips back into the dish, retaining its flavour and moisture. These cool water droplets give the dish its unique taste! The tagine can be used in all heat sources (including oven and induction hobs!), but should not be placed on the BBQ. 

What does tagine mean?

The name tagine refers both to the traditional Moroccan dish, or stew pot, itself and the stew it is used to prepare, which can cause some confusion. The tagine originates in Berber culture, but it is now predominantly recognized as a Moroccan dish. Originally, the tagine was a clay pot, but these days it is made of durable stoneware or cast iron materials.

How to use a tagine?

If you are using a tagine for the first time, it is a good idea to first soak it in cold water for 24 hours. This will make your tagine more heat-resistant, thus reducing the chance of it cracking. After soaking, grease the base dish of the tagine with a layer of vegetable oil. Then keep the tagine on low heat until all the oil is absorbed. This will create a natural non-stick coating and the tagine will be ready for use.

Tip: Tagines are suitable for induction hobs! A tagine is perfect for medium heat and slow cooking. 

How to clean a tagine?

When cleaning enamelled cast iron tagines, make sure to never immerse a hot tagine pot in cold water, as this could result in cracks. Be sure that after finishing using the tagine, you let it cool down properly before attempting to clean it. The tagines are dishwasher-safe, but be sure to not use lemon-based products. Hand-washing is ultimately the most recommended method, for the longevity of the tagine pot. Simply wash the tagine pot with warm water and mild soap, soaking the tagine if necessary to get rid of tougher stains and stuck food.

Le Creuset tagine

The French brand Le Creuset puts a modern spin on the traditional tagine. Tagines used to be heated on fire or coals. Nowadays, induction tagines are also available. Le Creuset produces cast-iron tagines that can be used on all heat sources. Another benefit of the Le Creuset induction tagine is that it retains heat for longer than traditional tagines. The tagine pot Le Creuset is available in various sizes and bright colours, so you’re sure to find a tagine pot that best suits your needs and style. Get inspired by our wide range of Le Creuset tagines at Cookinglife!

Emile Henry Tagine

Are you looking for an authentic-looking glazed stew pot? Then an Emile Henry tagine is your best bet. This tagine is far simpler to use than traditional tagines, making it ideal for newcomers to the tagine world. Because no pretreatment is required, the Emile Henry tagine can be used right away. However, it's a good idea to heat the tagine ahead of time to avoid it cracking! An Emile Henry tagine is also available in a range of colours and sizes, so every amateur cook is sure to find their perfect Emile Henry tagine in our range.

Tagine recipes

You can prepare just about anything in a tagine. The most popular and well-known dishes are chicken tagine and lamb tagine, however, vegetarian tagines are also becoming increasingly popular. Chicken tagine is especially popular in Moroccan cuisine. Try it with olive oil and candied lemon, for example, or make it fresh with some black pepper. When cooking with a tagine, there are endless possibilities. So get experimenting and find out for yourself which tagine recipe you like best!

Where to buy a good tagine?

You can order your very own tagine online at Cookinglife! We have the highest-quality tagines, ranging in size, colour and style. This means you’ll be able to find the perfect tagine to match your unique taste and kitchen design in our wide selection of cookware. As well as an inspiring range of tagines, we offer fast delivery. That means you can start experimenting with Middle Eastern cuisine in no time! Looking for something a bit simpler for the time being, or would just prefer to stick to what you know? You can also find a wide range of high-quality casseroles for stewing too

Tagine pots for sale

Would you like a new tagine? At Cookinglife, we have both big and small cooking tagines, made from stoneware and cast iron. Are you looking for an unglazed tagine? Have a look at our tagine collection and find your new favourite dish at Cookinglife! In addition to tagines, we offer other pans and accessories, such as fish pans, steamers, mussel pots, and cold smokers. Have you made your choice? Enjoy a free delivery when you order for €99 or more. Impress your family and friends with a new tagine pot and serve the most delicious dishes!

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