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Cookinglife's colander makes washing and draining your vegetables, fruit and potatoes even easier. You can order a colander easily and quickly from your online cooking store!

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Use a sieve to remove excess moisture from food. At Cookinglife you will find colander for draining vegetables and potatoes. You can also use a Cookinglife strainer to drain your pasta. Do you like some variety in the kitchen? Then choose a colander in our range of the Joseph Joseph brand. Our range includes a Joseph Joseph scoop colander, bowl, large sieve and more.

Stainless steel colander

In our range, you will find, among other things, a stainless steel colander from, among others, the Cosy & Trendy. With and without a handle. A stainless steel colander is a durable product and will last you a long time. A stainless steel colander is the right combination of practical and beautiful. The stainless steel colander is easy to clean, and thanks to the base, the sieve is always stable. You will find a stainless steel colander for a competitive price in our range!

Buy colander?

Are you looking for a colander in a fun colour? Or are you going for the practical foldable colander? Or a luxury stainless steel colander? Then look no further and look at our range. You can buy a sieve easily and quickly at Cookinglife!

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