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Richardson Sheffield

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Richardson Sheffield

Founded in 1839, Richardson Sheffield makes household knives. The company is known for its iconic and groundbreaking designs. In the '60s, Richardson Sheffield came up with the first wooden knife block that was considered a pearl in the kitchen at the time.

The Richardson Sheffield brand is praised all over the world and is suitable for every knife enthusiast. For example, they are known for their excellent price-quality ratio. However, in addition to the essential kitchen equipment, Richardson Sheffield also has complete, exclusive knife blocks in its range.

Richardson Sheffield Quality

The quality of the knives is of paramount importance to Richardson Sheffield. The brand only works with carefully selected partners. With this, they search for the best materials for the right price. This without compromising on craft and quality. The brand is well known for the innovative ideas they bring to the market. With this, they continue new trends in the knife market.

Richardson Sheffield quality knives always come with a long-term warranty on material and manufacturing defects. Most Richardson Sheffield knives are dishwasher safe. However, we strongly advise against this. By washing the knives manually you not only prevent oxidation spots on the blade, but you also ensure an optimal life of the knives. In addition to maintaining the quality, it is also a lot safer.

Richardson Sheffield Knife Blocks

Richardson Sheffield's range mostly consists of different knife blocks. The range starts with the classic 6-piece blocks, with the five most used kitchen knives included. These are the chef's knife, the small office knives, the bread knife and the meat knife. On the other hand, the large 10+ piece knife blocks. These are equipped with all the tools you need in the kitchen to fulfil your cutting tasks.

In addition to the various design blocks that Richardson Sheffield brings to the market, they also offer loose and magnetic knives blocks. A significant advantage is that you can show your knives in the kitchen. You also always see which blade you should grab. Due to the strong magnetic field, the knives remain firmly attached to the knife block. Ideal for the chefs who already have a beautiful knife set!

Richardson Sheffield Knives

Are you still looking for new knives? The Richardson Sheffield series each have their character and feature the most commonly used blades in the kitchen. The Richardson Sheffield Forme Contours series has a unique design handle. This provides a comfortable hand position with extra grip.

Another special series within the Richardson Sheffield range is the Richardson Sheffield Scandi line. The knives from the Scandi series have solid handles made of ash wood. These are riveted together for added stability and durability.

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