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Potato Peelers

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Potato Peelers

Potato Peelers

Are you looking for a tool to help you peel your fruits and vegetables in no time? Then a potato peeler from Cookinglife is the perfect solution for you. With this knife, you can thinly slice all sorts of ingredients. Another advantage of this type of knife is that it is more safe to use. Due to the knife being farther away from your fingers, you have a less chance of accidentally cutting yourself. The peelers from Cookinglfie are available in various shapes and sizes, for all needs and preferences. 

Tip: For carrots and courgettes, a peeler with a wider blade is better!

Westmark Peeler

Westmark distinguishes itself through the durability of its products. Therefore, Westmark products are always a fantastic choice. The kitchen utensils from this brand will last for several years! The outstanding quality, design, and craftsmanship of the brand reflects through its products. These potato peelers can feature one or two blades and are available in different shapes and colours. Buy your Westmark peeler at Cookinglife, and experience the benefits of affordable prices and fast delivery! 

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Are you possibly looking for something other than a potato peeler? Be sure to check out our wide assortment of kitchen knives. Are you unsure of which specific type of knife to buy? Make it easy for yourself by purchasing a knife set or a knife block with knives

By using a peeler, you save a lot of time preparing fruits and vegetables for a salad or any other type of meal. At the online webshop from Cookinglife, you can easily find the right peeler for avocados, apples, and asparagus. You will not only find a new vegetable and fruit peeler, but also a food processor. Take a look at our wide assortment and purchase today, a new:

Cutting, peeling, and serving fruit can be done in many ways. You can slice your natural ingredients in any shape you like with the help of our handy peelers. Does your fruit need to remain intact, but with the hard core removed? Then surely take a look at our pitter collection. Additionally, you can also use a citrus press to make your own juice with ease. 

Avocado slicer

Avocados have a tough skin, which can easily be removed too much when peeling, but with the special avocado peeler from Cookinglife, this is a thing of the past. This saves you a lot of time and your guacamole is on the table in no time. If you have a lot of visitors in the evening, our avocado peelers will save you time to be a good host so that no one is short of anything.

Asparagus peeler

Before cooking asparagus, it is a good idea to peel them well so that you do not encounter any hard threads when eating them. We have special asparagus peelers with a distinctive grip for asparagus. The peelers are also available in stainless steel, so you can use the asparagus peeler for an extra long time.

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Buy special peelers for different fruits and vegetables online in this web shop with a wide range of kitchen utensils and cooking supplies. Take advantage of our competitive online prices and never pay too much for your vegetable peelers & fruit peelers. You can order an apple peeler from us for a very competitive price, so that your apple pie will be on the table even faster from now on. Cookinglife is also the place to be for various graters, ideal for the fine grinding of fruit. Do you have any questions about a product? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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