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Keep a grip on your work with the kitchen tools from OXO Good Grips. The brand makes the use of everyday objects and actions in the kitchen a lot easier and more fun. They do this by making kitchen tools that are easy to operate and that lie firmly in hand. The tools are made of durable materials which means they will last a lifetime.

The brand has become popular because of the OXO Good Grips peelers. Founder Sam Farber designed it especially for his wife, who was struggling to hold it due to arthritis. In no time the peeler became a great success, and OXO Good Grips was born. Fast forward thirty years and you'll see that the brand has been making a collection that people, with or without arthritis, can use from OXO Good Grips storage jars to OXO Good Grips Cutters.

OXO Good Grips Mandoline

Cut your fruit or vegetables into thin slices at lightning speed ?! You do that with an OXO Good Grips mandoline. This mandolin is an indispensable kitchen tool for anyone who likes to make salads, casseroles or edible decorations. Lemon slices, tomato, carrot, everything is possible. All the cut vegetables or fruit will have the same shape and thickness so that your dish looks perfect. The OXO Good Grips mandolines have non-slip grips or feet that ensure that the device remains in place. The brand has mandolines with different cutting thicknesses and shapes. These consist of plastic, rubber (Santoprene) and stainless steel blades. OXO Good Grips mandolins are available in different colours.

OXO Good Grips Measuring Cup

Tailor-made everything in one time with the OXO Good Grips measuring cups! No more bending over to add or pour the contents. With this measuring cup, you can view the content while pouring. There is a graduation on the sloping edge so that you can read the amount at the top. OXO Good Grips measuring cups consist of plastic and a black non-slip handle. The cup is available in different sizes.

OXO Good Grips Peeler

The OXO Good Grips peeler has been awarded as the best peeler several times. That is not just like that. With this vegetable peeler, you can remove vegetable and fruit peels in an instant. Due to the sharp and stainless steel blade, the OXO Good Grips peeler even cuts through hard peels. The OXO Good Grips peelers have a rubber (Santoprene) anti-slip handle so that they lie firmly in hand. They are available in different sizes and colours.

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