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Meat Tenderizers

With the use of a Meat Tenderizer you will surprise your friends and family with a delicious piece of tender meat. Are your mouth watering already? Buy your meat hammer easily online at Cookinglife

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Meat Tenderizers

A meat tenderizer is a mallet with a serrated bottom that you use to hit your piece of meat for a tender result. With the hammer you bruise the connective tissue, making the meat more tender. The meat tenderizer is also used for beating cutlets and for the preparation of homemade cordon bleus.

Buy meat tenderizer 

In our cooking webshop, you will find various meat tenderizers for various applications. With a lightweight aluminium meat tenderizer, you can easily crush your steak nice and tender. We also have the Westmark meat hammer in our range, with which you can see your flesh squash as if it is cut in pieces. Order your meat tenderizer online at Cookinglife and take advantage of our competitive prices!

Wooden Meat Gavel

Do you like to prepare your meat authentically? Then in our webshop, you will find the wooden meat hammers. The first meat hammers were made of wood, but today we mainly see aluminium meat hammers. The wooden meat hammers work just as well and look beautiful too!

Using a meat hammer

If you want to make your own cordon bleu, use a nice piece of pork, chicken or turkey fillet. With the meat hammer, beat the meat flat and scoop cheese or cream cheese on it. Fold the steak in half and then wrap a piece of raw ham around it so that everything is nicely in place. Bake for ten minutes in the frying pan and enjoy!

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