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Kitchen Storage

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Kitchen Storage

Whether it's fresh ingredients or leftovers, containers are great for storing food safely in the fridge and pantry. Are you looking for smart and beautiful solutions for storing ingredients, dishes and cutlery? Then you are at the right place at Cookinglife has selected the most beautiful and useful kitchen accessories for you for a stylish and organized kitchen!  Make your kitchen a joy to be in with well-organized ingredients and accessories for a tidy worktop.

Food storage

Cookinglife has a wide range of food storage. You can store and store food with one of our vacuum packing machines. This allows you to quickly and easily package your fresh ingredients airtight for longer shelf life.

For dry ingredients such as pasta, rice or couscous you can go to the page with mason jars. Here you will find elegant storage jars for various components and fresh food containers for storing prepared meals.

Storage of bread

Bread keeps you fresh for longer with one of our stylish lunch boxes. Because the bread bin is often placed in a visible place, for example, on the counter or the kitchen table, the design of the bread bin must match your kitchen interior.

In our collection, you will find retro lunchboxes, wooden lunch boxes and trendy lunch boxes for storing all types of bread.

To maintain the freshness of various (homemade) biscuits, we have biscuit tins in our range. These biscuit tins are provided with multiple lovely prints for a beautiful presentation!

Storage biscuits

Do you prefer to eat your biscuits crispy and undamaged? You can keep your rusks whole and fresh for longer in a Cookinglife biscuit tin. Here you will find various biscuit tins in different designs. On a cosy Sunday breakfast table, a cute biscuit tin should not be missed!

Cutlery storage

An organized kitchen starts with a tidy cutlery tray. With a cutlery tray, you no longer have to search endlessly for the right utensils, and you always have all your cutlery at hand. In our webshop, you will find cutlery trays in various sizes, made of stainless steel and plastic as well as wood.

Here you will also find the collection dish rack with which you can easily attach your pans, cutlery and crockery to the air dry. The cooking racks from Cookinglife are available in different colours, materials and designs. View the collection and choose the dish drainer that suits you!

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