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Kidde is a renowned brand that has been providing the most delicious and strong whipped cream in the Dutch catering companies for more than 50 years. The Kidde brand is z & oacute; It is well established that whipped cream appliances from other brands are often incorrectly called Kidde.

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It is not for nothing that Kidde whipped cream dispensers are widely used in the catering industry. With the Kidde whipped cream syringe, you can quickly and easily make velvety whipped rosettes. Kidde whipped cream dispensers are known for their high quality, and you can tell by the durability of the bottle and the nozzle. With the whipped cream dispenser, you not only make the best quality whipped cream, but the Kidde is also very suitable for making chocolate mousse or foam desserts.

How to use a Kidde Whipped Cream Syringe

The Kidde whipped cream dispenser may look complicated, but thanks to its simple construction, your Kidde is quickly ready for use, making it ideal for both the catering industry and at home. By unscrewing the cap from the bottle, you can immediately pour in the packet of whipped cream. Then screw the Kidde's headpiece back on tight.

Then take a gas cartridge and place it in the holder. Then turn the cartridge holder on the headpiece in one; once and wait until the hiss of the gas is no longer audible. And after you have shaken the cream sprayer back and forth, the Kidde is ready for use.

Tip: For best results, keep the cream sprayer entirely upside down.

Buy Kidde Whipped Cream Dispenser

Save yourself the time and effort of looking for the right whipped cream syringe, because with a reliable Kidde, you are assured of quality. Find the perfect size to suit your needs at Cookinglife!

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