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Ice Lolly Moulds

Are you planning a children's party? Let the children make their own ice creams for a super fun afternoon! With Cookinglife's ice cream moulds you can make fun ice cream moulds in the craziest flavours!

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Ice Lolly Moulds

Making your ice creams is fun and easy! In our ice lolly moulds range you will find ice moulds in various shapes, for making ice creams in all flavours. Be creative and make the craziest combinations with various ingredients!

Ice lolly moulds

In our webshop you will find different colours of ice lolly moulds including sticks. The ice lolly moulds are suitable for making six ice creams. Ice cream is easy by mixing the ingredients of your choice in a bowl. Consider, for example, mixing yoghurt and fruit. Or pour a smoothie into the moulds for a healthy and refreshing dessert!

Ice lolly moulds silicone

Ice lolly moulds are made of silicone, among other things. This is a strong and flexible material that has been widely used in the kitchen in recent years. The silicone material is also easy to clean. With the silicone ice moulds you can easily make the tastiest ice creams.

Step 1: First of all, pour the ice cream mixture into the silicone ice molds.
Step 2: Then place the ice cream molds and their contents in the freezer for about four hours.
Step 3: Hold the bottom of the ice cream mold under the hot tap for a while. In this way, your ice cream comes loose from the mold and you can enjoy a delicious homemade ice cream!

Buy ice lolly moulds

Are you looking for ice moulds to make your ice creams? Then you have come to the right place at Cookinglife. Here you will find ice moulds in various colours and designs. Making ice cream with your children is great fun! Moreover, it is a nice gift to give! Buy your ice lolly moulds online in our webshop and take advantage of our competitive prices.

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